Government Doesn’t Create Jobs? And Other Observations

“Government doesn’t create Jobs!” and lobbying
Why oh why would huge corporations and corporate groups be so intent on lobbying congress and all the various state legislators to influence votes if government in no way caused economic ripples and thus created jobs. Methinks some little slogan is a lie.  Plus, much of the basic research that eventually turns into products is done on college campuses using federal dollars.

Has Romney ever seen a poor person?
I was wondering this just the other night. Not only does Romney have no concern for the poor, but I am guessing in the sheltered rich life he has lived, he has probably never even so much as gazed upon a poor person. Perhaps some interaction, some actual discourse could really open his eyes. Maybe a short stint as a community organizer?

ALEC legislators quit making an effort to pretend they care.
One of the either funniest or saddest things I ran across this week was the legislator down in Florida who didn’t even bother to take the time to remove the ALEC preamble to legislation she wanted to propose. Really Ms. Burgin and all ALEC lackeys, you need to at least try to fool us into thinking you actually care about what you are doing and show that you are more than a lackey for ALEC.  The proposed bill came with this heading:  “WHEREAS it is the mission of the American Legislative Exchange Council to advance Jeffersonian principles of free markets, limited government,federalism and individual liberty ……..”

One more thought on Susan G. Komen
One thing I forgot to say in my post yesterday about the politicization of breast cancer was simply this: As the father of girls, one thing we have fought for is simple equal access to health care. If my daughter (or wife) needs a medical procedure to save her life, then she should have access to it without any interference from any government. It is absolutely insane that the religious should ever control any access to health care for women.

FAA bill: vehicle for destroying unions
As many can remember the federal Aviation Administration has been limpng along without authorization for a couple of years. One major reason is that the Party of Privelege wants to use such a bill to kill unions in the aviation industry.
Here is an article from DailyKos that goes into some of the particulars.
The provisions that Republicans want are downright scary. Please call your congress critter and make sure they know that union busting is not OK.

If Republicans ran on what they practice
I have played with suggesting Republican platforms before, So allow me to blow off steam one more time.
If Republicans ran on what they practiced:

– Unions would be outlawed.
– All schools would be private. If you can’t afford school children can get jobs. There is nothing in the constitution about school.
– Wages for workers must fall to the general global level.
– Women are expected to produce children. If they do not, the government wants to know why.
– Homosexuality will be banned. Violators will be prosecuted.
– Undocumented workers will be rounded up and sent home at their expense
– Christianity will be the religion of the state.
– Prisons will be privatized and must be kept full.
– Social Security and Medicare will end. If a person has not saved enough to retire, they can work.
– Taxes will be the same for everyone whether they earned a dime or a million.
– Corporations will not be taxed.

Well I am sure I missed a few, so go ahead and fill them in without me.

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