Happy Holidays: ‘Tis The Season For Hope And Renewal

It Never Had To Be This Way

It is the solstice and holiday season and I, as many others plan to mellow out and let the world roll on without me for a couple of days.

There is just one thought that I would like to share: what is going on in the United States and the world is due to choices made by leadership over the last 30 years. The choice to engage in stupid wars while at the same time giving huge tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans was a planned, well thought out choice that our government made.

The choice to drain the treasury was a well thought out choice. The choice to then pretend to balance the massive imbalance caused by those other choices by cutting programs for the poor, by cutting government expenditures which cause unemployment and by cutting our future by starving education were also cold, calculated choices.

The Republican Party has worked hard to make government ineffective. They have worked hard to create the environment in which programs and spending could be slashed without them being blamed for it. They have invested deeply through their followers in creating a media which is nearly monolithic in message. Differing views, differing voices are caught only on the edges, on small cable stations and internet radio stations. Main Stream Media is reserved for a very narrow range of view.

For decades they have worked to set up conditions in which they could impose their American dream; one in which people are punished for being poor, where the rich become uber-rich and such amenities of life as decent housing, health care and decent food accrue only to those who are chosen by the size of their bank account.

But the big grab at power was too much even for a populace conditioned by the media to expect it. Their power grab has failed or is in the process of failing. See Ohio. See Wisconsin. And see the Occupy movement that is in its infancy.

While Christmas has become almost painful thanks to the idiocy of the right wing’s “War on Christmas” I find some real hope this Solstice Season. As the Sun returns once more to the earth, we see large segments of the population becoming politically aware for the first time in years. As their awareness returns, they look at a country which has changed in scope and they do not like it.

So at the time of renewal, there is hope for renewal on the political front. Once more the US will become a country “of the people, by the people and for the people” as articulated by Abraham Lincoln. In doing so we are about ready to throw off the constraints that have been built into a system for the one-tenth of one percent – the oligarchs whose money now runs this country.

Why should 300,000 or less people have more say in what happens than the 300,000,000 that make up the country?

For the first time in years I look forward to the next year as we see the beginning of a true renewal in this country.

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