Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?

Catholics back labor
It was very good to see that the Iowa Catholic Conference issued a pro-labor statement this week. Growing up Catholic, one thing I remember quite well is that the aims of the Catholic Church often lined up well with those of the poor and working people. Recent years have seen some turning away from those standards. So it is good to see the Catholic Church lining up once again with their old stands.

No doubt the abortion issue became a huge, almost single issue for the church for decades. Sadly, this has been hypocritically used to get Catholics and other working and poor people to vote against the party that would normally represent their views and for the party that works for the rich and corporations. I hope workers of all stripe can see through the hypocrisy and come back to voting for the interests of the working class.

Happy Halloween from Branstad
October 31st marked the closing of 5 of the larger state employment offices to be closed. Muscatine, Clinton, Newton, Ames and Storm Lake were closed on Halloween. Yet another fine example of Republican arrogance and condescension toward those who need help. We can only hope that when Branstad and his cronies are looking for work in 3 years they will find the system they created totally inadequate to help them.

With God We Delay
One year ago Republicans were elected on promises of jobs, jobs, jobs. And so in that vein on Tuesday they had a major vote on —– reaffirming that “In God we trust” is the national motto. Seriously? Has anyone ever seen a more out of touch party in the history of the US? Perhaps the Know-Nothings of the 1840s and 1850s. Sadly, the current Republican Party continues to emulate the Know-Nothings and appears to want to do so right into oblivion. I wish them luck in that endeavor and the sooner the better.

Grover Who?
I had to guffaw this week when John Boehner acted as though he had no idea who Grover Norquist was. Hey, Boehner, he is your boss – the one to whom you pledged feality to over the Constitution.

Earthquakes? What earthquakes?
You know those incredibly false ads on TV about how natural gas wells don’t pollute the ground water or cause any other problems? Well (pun intended), it seems that Cuadrilla Resources, a fracking company, has admitted that fracking has caused earthquakes in the UK.  On the heels of this admission, the Oklahoma Geologic Survey reports that 50 seismologic events occurred due to fracking.  If they can’t suffocate us, they will blow up the earth under us.

And as they cause more and more earthquakes remember some of them will be very close to Nuclear Power Plants. Remember the earthquake near Washington, DC this summer that knocked out the North Anna Nuclear power plant? Some speculate that fracking caused this unusual earthquake. North Anna is still offline. Could have been a real disaster.

Jobs still going up.
I am always amazed when the monthly jobs report comes out and the economy adds jobs. I have this picture in my mind of Barack Obama pushing a huge boulder up a hill while the whole Republican Party and all the fat cats try like hell to push it back at him. Can you just imagine what would happen if WE All started pushing in the same direction. But Republicans have made it plain and simple that ruining this president is their only goal, no matter what happens.  Never has America seen such out and out belligerence by one party. Enough is enough.

The insults just keep on coming.
During this Republican primary cycle we have seen Republican voters cheer wildly for a person dying in America because they do not have health insurance, cheering wildly for the death penalty, and booing a soldier loudly because he was gay. Now we can add the reaction to the charges against Herman Cain. Since the story began, it has caused a dramatic increase in Cain’s fundraising and has solidified his popularity. One can almost imagine if these transgressions were announced in an auditorium full of the rabid base that Herman would get standing ovation.  Republican policies and attitudes toward women make me wonder if there are any mothers, sisters, daughters or wives in the Republican Party.

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