Sunyata Sun

by John Shumaker

it’s in the wee hours
the WE hours
before cultural trance sets in
and everybody does their learned behaviors
and everyone does it all over again
it’s a few days before 11~11~11
many folks have a different take on that
and many folks whose lives have been touched or taken by the military
observe 11~11 each year as Armistice day at 11 AM
its supposed to be a Peace Day
it began in 1918 at the end of the first “great war”
Peace accords were signed at 11AM on 11~11
a great sigh of relief went up from the planet
these things are emotional and take different valences
these things are guttural and hit ya in the gut
these things are unutterable
and it takes many many years for some of returning warriors
to utter a single word
if ever
these things are insufferable
and it takes many generations at times
to heal the wounds
to the individual combatant
to the victims of war
the innocent
the civilians
the families
the combatants
of either side
of ANY side
because war is a form of genocide
because war is a form of omnicide
it takes no side
it just kills
anything or anyone in sight
and outta sight
including plants
biota of all kinds
it destroys
war is a form of ecocide
it destroys bioregions
and rapes, pillages and plunders Gaia
Mother Earth
It is a Dirge
and a Scourge on Mother Earth
and pestilence
Many say these are the end days
Many say these are the end sum days
Many say this is the end Game
Many say these are the zero sum days
Many say this is Fin de siecle
Many say this is the end of the Old Age
Many say the time of Jesus is at hand
Many say it will be in our Lifetime
Many say Judgement Day is near
or is here
Many say Rapture has already begun
or about to begin
this 11~11~11 thing
is said to be Entrance into Pleiadian Consciousness
some say it is beginning of the end
as we enter the last year or so
before end of Mayan Calendar
Many Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites across Continent America
are going on right now
by Native Americans
in Purification Rites
in Preparation
for New Beginning
New Age
Age of Atlantis Aquarian Age
end of egoic Piscean Age
and beginning of the Ecozoic
a time of Return of Arthur
the Round Table
the Golden Age
the Noble
the True
the Good
the Path of Beauty
and Guinivere is here
from outta the mist of fogs and fens
the Madrigal
the Madgickal Return
the Return of the Golden Dawn
the Return of the Golden Fawn
where Loving Kindness RULES
in a New Law
and (W)ater
and the Tree of Life
is Immortal
Everything made can be unmade
Everything done can be undone
(Un)OCCUPY (our Minds) is the MOVEMENT
Think Different
the Rising Sun of the Concourse Way
the Hopi Flowering of the Sixth Sun
Love for the Seventh Generation
Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman
the Return of the Eastern Sun of Kwan Yin
from Galactic MidWay Station
from Alcyone tsunami
riding in on Zuvuya Wave
from Heart of Milky Way
Sunyata Sun
Singing Songs of Mirth
of Light
of Delight
Pouring forth Blessings
of Compassion for All Sentient Beings
the Tao of Watercourse Way
for dry parched
thirsting Planet Earth
a Voice crying in the Wilderness
Out in the Desert
setting ALL the captives
Aqua Terra
Water Planet

Happy 11~11~11
Dear Fellow Passenger
WE GO Furthur Into
the Mysterium Tremendum
on this Amazing Grace Planet
in this Immense Journey
We Trek On
Dear One


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