The Madness of Steve King

Iowa, do we really want King, a founding tea party member for one of our representatives in Congress?
This page is divided into three sections: (1) Famous Steve King quotes; (2) Steve King videos; (3) List of Blog for Iowa posts about Steve King. There is also a list of links to newspapers in Steve King’s district for letter-writing purposes and links to King’s Democratic challengers’ websites. If you come across something elsewhere that you would like added to this page, please send it along to us at

King’s Democratic challengers

J.D. Scholten

Paul Dahl

Leann Jacobsen

John Paschen

Famous Steve King Quotes:

Please feel free to use these references for your letters to the editor during the campaign for U.S. House of Representatives for Iowa District 4. Please send other quotes you come across to:

  • King supports return to McCarthyism: King was asked if he supported a recent conspiracy-laced speech by conservative media mogul Cliff Kincaid, in which he argued that the next Republican Congress should bring back the House Internal Security Committee in order to combat “the ugly spread of Marxism in America.” King responded, “I would. I think that is a good process and I would support it.”

King opposed unemployment extension: King opposed extending unemployment for John Morrell workers “We shouldn’t turn the ‘safety net’ into a hammock.”

King: “ObamaCare is a law that ought not exist, and I will continue to advocate for its complete repeal.” ~ July 28, 2017

King: “Republicans should do to “ObamaCare” what Democrats did to the Vietnam War.” ~February 10, 2011

King: “100% of my language to repeal 100% of ObamaCare just passed the House with 100% Republican support = 100% great day 4 the USA!” ~January 19, 2011

King: “I think it’s time to put a marker down and I think we will have the votes in the House to put an end to the anchor babies in this country.” ~November 4, 2010

King: “There is more than one way to skin a cat and the EPA may be that cat.” ~November 4, 2010

Steve King Videos

“That’s my congressman – Yankee with a Confederate flag.” by Sean O’Brien, actual constituent of Steve King. This is a great video.

Steve King demonstrates, on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, how to build an electrified fence on the U.S.-Mexico border: If you haven’t seen this, you MUST watch to get the full experience of Steve King’s truly unique kind of crazy. Here’s a text preview, but we recommend watching this live demonstration of his idea of what the wall would be like and specifics on how to construct it. Yep. Video here

“I want to put the fence in but I want to put a wall in, and I designed one. And this is simply to put a trench in the desert floor. We have the ability to put together a machine that would be a slip floor(?) machine that would lay a footing about like this, Mr. Speaker. In fact if you look at the end of that, that’s so you’d have that about 5 feet deep underneath the ground to keep the wall from tipping over. We put a notch in it that allows to put pre-cast panels in it and it would look like this, would be flush with the desert floor. And then you…”

It all makes sense when you get about a minute (58 seconds) in and you hear King say:

“Our little construction company could build a mile a day of this pretty easily.”

Yes, there is a King family construction company. Steve’s son, Dave King, bought the business in 2003. How awesome it would be for his kid to be the one to build that wall!

Steve King supports Dog fighting. Watch Paws Against King wage a local protest chanting, “There’s no excuse for cruelty… There’s no excuse for King!”

Steve King asks, “What have minorities contributed to civilization?”

Steve King compares animal fighting to people fighting and says there’s something wrong with the Humane Society and the rest of us for thinking animals should be protected by the law. 26 second video. Good one if you need a quick surge of anger to get you motivated.

Steve King’s disrespectful, arrogant attitude towards Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in this congressional hearing will make you sick. RFK made the mistake of speaking the truth about CAFOs.

Colbert Report: Steve King’s Dogfighting defense. You’ve gotta hear this one. Just about the craziest of all.

Steve King compares unemployment to kids not doing their chores.

Rachel Maddow 2010 – Meet Iowa Congressman Steve King where he says “liberals are the enemy.”

Blog for Iowa posts about Steve King

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Steve King Challenger Calls King A “Fox News Celebrity”

[**Editor’s note 08/06/17 – Say what you will about Kim Weaver (King’s previous challenger who dropped out of the race). This is a great talking point and messaging. She said, “instead of a Fox News celebrity, we need a representative in Washington.” Use this in your letters.]

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