Fundraising Idea For Steve King

Many of us have been involved in fund raising for various projects around our communities. One of the frequently used fund raising ideas is to sell bricks that will be put into a memorial wall. The bricks are emblazoned with the name of the donor and the amount of the donation. That way the donor can bring their family and friends around to show them what that have helped build.

What could be more natural for Steve King than selling bricks to be put in the Great Wall of Hate between the United States and Mexico. What could be better for a King backer than to have their name emblazoned in perpetuity on a wall that just screams out what King backers stand for – hate and racism.

Put your name out there for all to see! There will be millions of bricks so buy more than one. If they run out of bricks to sell, maybe they can sell grains of sand for the two no man’s lands that Steve King proposed.

Let me say at this point that this is satire. This is a bit of pointed comment to show how Steve King is fostering hate and racism. I would certainly hope that no one would take this in any way seriously. I would especially hate to think that such a sarcastic proposal (much more really sarcastic that saying Obama and Clinton started ISIS) helped elect King in any way.

BTW, King does have a level headed opponent who would no longer embarrass Iowa with outrageous statements that make Iowa look simply bad.

You can learn about issues in Iowa’s fourth congressional district here.
If you are out in that area, sign up to help Ms. Weaver, the state and the country here.

And of course like every candidate Kim Weaver needs money. You can help out here

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