Dove Hunting – Enough Already!

[by Gary Ihnen]

Dear Senator Kibbie:

I am 59 years old. I spent a sizable slice of my childhood on our Northwest Iowa family farm.

I have been an avid hunter and fisherman and outdoormsman most of my life.

That said, I have thus far been livid by the actions of this year’s General Assembly and also with the bully-like behavior of one Governor Terry Branstad. The latest charade is this Dove hunting bill which has been ram-rodded through the legislature with no regard to procedures AND more importantly to the opinions of the vast majority of Iowans who have overwhelmingly voiced their strong opposition to dove hunting.

We’ve got the hog lots. Now it appears it will be illegal to report or document animal abuse. The Dept. of Agriculture is about to take over the DNR’s job of protecting our waterways. We fired the people who are supposed to protect our elderly populaton. We’ve muzzled the staff of the Human Rights Commission and the Omsbudsman’s office.

Is this Iowa?? Or Wisconsin???

As someone once said, “Over-regulation might kill some jobs. But lack of regulation often kills people.”

Well, in this case it is doves. Please, leave the doves alone. That is the voice of the people of Iowa. Why aren’t our Lawmakers listening?

On a final note – it seems our world is becoming a vast killing field.

DO we have to also put on our crosshairs on one of the few remaining creatures that symbolize peace, love and harmony?

A beautiful creature in a world gone mad?

Gary Ihnen

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