Sinclair and the Public Airwaves: A History of Abuse

Sinclair and the Public Airwaves: A History of Abuse


lacking a household name, Sinclair Broadcasting Group is the largest
owner of local TV stations in the country — they own more than 62
stations in 39 different TV markets, including KGAN and KFXA in Cedar Rapids and KDSM in Des Moines.
Their programming reaches more than 1/4 of all U.S. households, making
them an extremely powerful gatekeeper of information. Yet it appears
that Sinclair has repeatedly abused that power.

Sinclair has become infamous for:

Conflicts of Interest
– Whether in the form of programming decisions (such as the censorship
of Nightline) or financial contributions, Sinclair has consistently
supported exclusively Republican politicians who have pushed to loosen
media ownership rules so that giants like Sinclair can grow even

The practice of “Central-casting” – Sinclair pipes pre-recorded weather, news, and right-wing editorial commentary
to local affiliates from a central studio in Maryland, creating the
false appearance of 'local' news, killing off real localism, and
eliminating local jobs.

Its quest for more local stations
The company continues to seek control of more stations in local
communities than is allowed under FCC rules (despite being fined in
2001), and maintains a legally and ethically questionable relationship
with an apparent 'front' company that serves only to buy stations in
cities where Sinclair cannot.

Now we want to hold Sinclair accountable — but we need your help to do it.

Find out more: read the full report, Sinclair and the Public Airwaves: A History of Abuse.

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