Media Consolidation and Indecency – the Link

Media Consolidation and Indecency – the Link

Center for Creative Voices in Media

recent study by the Center for Creative Voices in Media suggests that
among other problems, media consolidation has led to a rise in
indecency on our airwaves.

Voices's study,
“Ownership Concentration and Indecency in Broadcasting:
Is There a Link?”
finds that from 2000 to 2003, four of the nation's
largest radio companies were responsible for 96% of FCC indecency
fines, while their stations accounted for only about half of the
country's listening audience.

study points out that some of the politicians who are now trying to
crack down on indecency by raising fines on broadcasters are the same
ones who voted in 1996 to relax ownership rules that contributed to
concentration. The report concludes that, “One of the unintended
consequences of their support of deregulation is an increase in

than increase fines for indecency, the report suggests that a more
effective and First Amendment-friendly approach to the indecency
problem would be to reintroduce meaningful station ownership caps,
limit vertical integration of program ownership, and promoting localism
and diversity of voices in our nation’s media.


Click here to read the full report.

Click here to read FCC Commissioner Copps' comments on the study.

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