TV Brouhaha in Iowa

TV Brouhaha in Iowa

by Allison Romano, Broadcasting & Cable

Hey, look at this – and just in time for Blog for Iowa's Focus on Media Week!  Iowans for Better Local TV is featured in this week's Broadcasting & Cable!

article is actually accurate, except for the fact that IBLTV is located
in Iowa City, NOT Cedar Rapids.  And they even mentioned next week's upcoming FCC meeting in Iowa City.

hats off to our own Trish Nelson and the IBLTV team.  Some
well-deserved recognition, to be sure – not to mention some great
coverage for an important cause.  See an excerpt below.

few weeks, 15 or so [Iowa City], Iowa, residents huddle at the library
to plot another attack on one of the country's biggest TV-station
owners. Iowans for Better Local TV is taking aim at the Sinclair
Broadcast Group, which operates 60 stations nationwide, including local
CBS affiliate KGAN. Frustrated by what the group says is inadequate
local-news and community involvement, they are noisily pressuring

“We want
to put Iowa values back into the product,” says Arron Wings, one of the
group's founders. “We want [the] local aspect back in their news and
more connection to the local community.”


for Better Local TV (IBLTV) is circulating petitions and explaining
their position to the media, and even considering filing a petition
with the FCC to deny KGAN's license renewal. And when FCC commissioners
Michael J. Copps and Jonathan Adelstein visit Iowa City for a town-hall meeting on the future of media on Oct. 5, IBLTV members plan to further vent their frustrations.

like most Sinclair stations, mixes locally-created news with
mass-produced fare from its centralized newsroom, News­Central. One
feature is “The Point,” a nightly editorial by Sinclair PR head Mark
Hyman. Critics say Hyman's editorials are a way for the company to push
a right-wing agenda over public airwaves. In eastern Iowa, viewers see
Hyman on KGAN's 10 p.m. news and also on a Sinclair-produced newscast
on the local Fox affiliate KFXA.

(Click here to read the rest of the article.)

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