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Trump’s Christmas Gift To The Pentagon

Christmas Gifts by Ed Flaherty  Christmas is the time for giving.  Our humanity is enhanced as we give gifts to those we love, and to strangers.  We must, however, be aware of gifts being given in our name which enhance … Continue reading

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Military Spending Grows While States Struggle To Fund Essential Needs

The atmosphere of fear, distrust, anger, and, for some, celebration, permeates our present and obscures clear thinking.  We  lose sight of truths that are right in front of our nose.  The bipartisan addiction to military spending is one of those … Continue reading

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Earth Day And The Pentagon

by Ed Flaherty This week we celebrate Earth Day. It is a day to bring into the active areas of our brains the innate understanding that we have only one Mother Earth to live on, and that she needs our … Continue reading

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It's Time For Fiscal Accountability at the Pentagon

It’s time for fiscal accountability in all parts of government, but particularly with military spending. In FY 2000 the Pentagon budget was $295 billion, the national debt was $5.62 trillion, and unemployment was 4 percent. In FY 2012, the Pentagon … Continue reading

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Tell Senators Harkin And Grassley To Vote No On Pentagon Spending Bill

The House of Representatives approved HR 5856 on July 19th, appropriating $606 billion for the Pentagon. This includes $88 billion for our 11-year war in Afghanistan, but does not include other war-related expenses, like VA services for 400,000 PTSD-afflicted veterans … Continue reading

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