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Naomi Klein On Climate Deniers “They Think Their Wealth Will Protect Them”

In discussing two types of climate change deniers, Naomi Klein says the only thing scarier than a climate change denier that doesn’t believe in climate change, is a climate change denier that does believe in climate change.  She explains how … Continue reading

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Trump’s Brand And How to Jam It

“DT has turned the presidency into an extension of his corporate brand… if the president is a brand first and a politician second, that gives his opponent all kinds of leverage….  Any brand can be jammed.  You just need to … Continue reading

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Reading Naomi Klein

Unlike the climate crisis story spoon fed to us in decreasing numbers of corporate media stories, in social media memes, and in fleeting conversations at community gatherings, in This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate, author Naomi Klein said there … Continue reading

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