GOP Antes Up $1,000,000 To Target Dave Loebsack

from Loebsack for Congress:

Congressional Republicans have made it official – they’re doubling down on winning Iowa’s Second District. They’ve made our District their first official advertising investment in Iowa, with their Congressional Campaign Chair publicly declaring an effort to spend $1,000,000 against us.

That’s right, congressional Republicans are so committed to electing my opponent – who supports the Ryan Budget and privatizing Social Security – that they’re backing him before anyone else in Iowa. And they’re dumping Washington money into the race to do it.

They think they can win.  We need to show them they can’t.

My opponent’s priorities – whether it’s ending Medicare as we know it, offshoring Iowans’ jobs, or cozying up to Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum – aren’t Iowans’ priorities.  He’s already shown that he’s more interested in getting the backing of Congressional Republicans than in fighting for Iowans.

And it’s paid off.

We need to fight back.  I’m asking you to help me show Congressional Republicans that they can’t buy this election.

I will continue to fight for Iowans each and every day. But I can’t do it without you.

Will you help me stand up to Congressional Republicans with an emergency donation today?

I need your support now more than ever.  Together, we’ll show outside Republican groups that they can’t buy this election.

Thank you for all you do.

And, as always, take care,


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