Iowans Should Tell Reps: Pursue Peace Not War

Ed Flaherty

“We must be smart enough and active enough as citzens to not be suckered into another war.”

It has been a little over a month since the last US troops came home from Iraq, from a war that was born out of lies and lasted over eight years and damaged both countries immensely.  So now shall we enter into a war with Iran?  If we do, it will be born out of lies and historical amnesia.  Please consider the following and then ask your elected officials to pursue peace rather than war.

In 1953, the democratically elected  Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossaddegh, was overthrown in a coup engineered by the CIA and the British.   Power was transferred to the Shah, supported by the US until his overthrow in 1979.  The CIA and the Mossad (Israel) helped form the Savak, the Shah’s secret police which gained a reputation for extreme brutality.  The US enabled and approved the sale of nuclear technology to Iran under the Shah.  The US encouraged and armed Iraq (under Saddam Hussein) in their war against Iran, which lasted from 1980 to 1988 and in which hundreds of thousands of Iranians died.  In January, 2002, after having rebuffed Iran’s offer of assistance to the US after 9-ll, Pres. Bush named Iran as part of the Axis of Evil.

None of the above excuses the repression and misdeeds of the Iranian government.  Just be clear, this isn’t a showdown between good guys and bad guys.

We must be smart enough and active enough as citzens to not be suckered into another war.  And if we are by far the strongest military power on earth,  why should we be afraid of true diplomacy?

[Update:  Please call the President (202 456-1111), Sen. Harkin (202 224-3254), Sen. Grassley (202 224-3744), Representative Steve King (202.225.4426), Representative Tom Latham (202-225-5476), Representative Boswell (202-225-3806), Representative Loebsack (202 225-6576) and Representative Braley (202 225-2911)]


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