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Flint and Reagan's Wake

Driving out of Flint, Mich. on Bristol Road wasn’t in the plans. I interviewed some 30 people, all but one male, for truck driving jobs at the Days Inn across from the GM plant. Tired and ready for sleep, I … Continue reading

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An Unspoken Message From Flint

Simply stated while more and more Americans concentrate in urban areas, right wing propaganda pushed by corporate media portrays America’s cities as crime ridden hell holes run by incompetent politicians and inhabited by slothful citizens who live off the dole, … Continue reading

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You Have To Break Their Legs

Before You Can Sell Them Crutches Heard that line on the Stephanie Miller Show (you can listen online at free speech.org from 8 – 11AM Monday to Friday) the other day. As you can guess this line was spoken in … Continue reading

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