Media, “Culture Wars” And Rural Voters

The folks don’t get into the whys, but I think we know why.  Fake news, Fox News, Facebook, conservative talk radio spreading anti-democratic propaganda.  But it’s too late to do much to change the mass media before November. So we just have to fight back with what we have.  Please consider donating to the candidate or organization of your choice.

There’s a new poll out from Morning Consult showing the Democrats are losing the messaging war in rural America.

➡️ 65 percent of rural voters view the Democratic Party unfavorably

➡️ Only 23 percent of rural voters believe the Democratic Party cares more about their community than the GOP

This is a messaging problem. President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act and the infrastructure bill made huge investments in rural communities, arguably the strongest investments we’ve seen in the 21st century. From child care assistance to rural broadband expansion to clean drinking water, Democratic policies are directly helping rural communities.

And yet, the message is not getting across. Republicans are inflaming the culture war and it’s clear in the polling that their messaging is breaking through in these communities. We must fight back! Chip in $5 to help us get out the vote in rural America and break through the wall of Republican misinformation.

We have some exciting news on the horizon. We will be launching another rural strategy session to bring together the country’s leading rural organizers to strategize about the best way to get out the vote in the 2022 election. And we’ll soon be launching our first rural messaging campaign for the 2022 election. Stay tuned!

– Team Rural Vote

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