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Iran Deal Ad Nauseam

I can’t believe we have to cover this Iran sh*t again. Point 1: The 45th president doesn’t like the Iran Deal. While he twice certified Iran’s compliance with the July 14, 2015 agreement between Iran, the P5+1 (the five permanent … Continue reading

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Trump – Six Months In

It’s been difficult to get a grip on our 45th president. His first six months in office have been so different from previous Republican presidents there is no comparison. An inability to relate to this president — on any level … Continue reading

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Local Meetings In Iowa To Organize Against Trump

Action alert from DailyKos and MoveOn.org: Activists and organizers all across the country are fired up and ready to give it their all to stop Donald Trump and to win a progressive Senate majority in 2017. Iowa is so important … Continue reading

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Branstad, Grassley, Ernst Support Trump

Nothing like exposing who you really are. Donald Trump has run a primary campaign where he has insulted nearly every of the many groups that combine to make up the United States. At various turns he has called for deportation … Continue reading

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When Your Opponent Is Drowning Throw Him An Anvil

That was some sage political advice from James Carville Chuck Grassley is one of the national leaders of the Republican Party. As a member of leadership Grassley helped come up with the current insane Republican policy to not even hold … Continue reading

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My Last And Only Trump Blog

Watching Trump on the Stump last Saturday at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds in Davenport, was a bit, shall I say, boring? I attended the event intending to get video footage of Trump or his supporters and was expecting to be … Continue reading

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Top 5 Thanksgiving Dinner Debate Tips

Timely advice from our friends at ProgressIowa If you’re like me, you’ve got a lot of Thanksgiving food, family fun, and a heaping helping of face time with your conservative relatives. Are you the only progressive voice at the dinner … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: America’s Current Gorgeous George?

Driving down the road and listening to yet another story on Donald Trump punctuated with Trump himself telling all who dare listen just how great he is, I could not help to let my mind drift to try to remember … Continue reading

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If Any Republican Wins In 2016

There is no difference between Republicans and Republicans.

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How To Purge Donald Trump From Your Daily Consciousness

[Dave Bradley has the weekend off. The Sunday Funday civics quiz will be back next week!] Think about it. There is really no reason for the media to be talking about Donald Trump incessantly, for the past however many unbearably … Continue reading

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