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Iran Deal Update

Except for the president and members of his administration, the world supports the Iran Deal negotiated by the Obama administration with key allies and Iran. On June 28, Austria, Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, which are not … Continue reading

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Preserve The Iran Deal

The 45th president doesn’t like the Iran Deal. He campaigned against it. He begrudgingly certified Iran’s compliance with it after his inauguration. As additional 90-day certification periods passed, he didn’t. Neither did he move to end it. With the installation … Continue reading

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Iran Deal Ad Nauseam

I can’t believe we have to cover this Iran sh*t again. Point 1: The 45th president doesn’t like the Iran Deal. While he twice certified Iran’s compliance with the July 14, 2015 agreement between Iran, the P5+1 (the five permanent … Continue reading

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Hope Springs From Saturday

In the life of a political activist, only occasionally do events transpire that make our efforts seem worthwhile. It began during the George W. Bush administration with inauspicious red and white signs that simply said, “Talk to Iran.” On Saturday, … Continue reading

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Will Grassley And Ernst Get It Right This Time?

Call On Iowa Senators to Wage Peace by Ed Flaherty Iran has come to an interim agreement with the U.S. and five other countries to dramatically reduce its nuclear program and to allow even more intensive international inspections. A final … Continue reading

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Anti-War Iowans Sit Down With Senator Harkin

Delegation of Iowans Talk With Senator Harkin on Iran, U.S. Foreign & Domestic Policy Diplomacy with Iran, ‘we can’t afford another war,’ a key focus DES MOINES – (Catholic Peace Ministry news services, courtesy of JJ Weiss)  A delegation that … Continue reading

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