Weekly Observations July 4th Edition.

The big central question this election is quite simple and also quite akin to what sparked the original Revolutionary War two hundred plus years ago. The central question is whether or not our government is for the rich and powerful. Was this country created for the corporations, for the wealthy and for those who have the pedigree.

This is essentially the very same question the Founders faced. Were the rich and powerful, including the royalty, entitled to run this country for their enrichment without any representation for those who are being governed.

We face much the same question today. One party believes that our government was set up for human rights and should be run by humans. The other party, the Republicans, believes that corporations should be running the country for their enrichment. As the corporation is enriched, so shall be the populous be enriched as the benefits trickle down. As I see it, the choice is much the same now as it was then.

Once again the rich and powerful are using all the tricks they have including voter suppression to keep control. We have seen a revolution in the past 30 years in this country – the revolution of the rich and powerful. Most laws are now greatly in their favor and they are within striking distance of grabbing their greatest targets after gutting labor unions – that is ending Social Security and Medicare. They have already told us how they plan to do it in their Romney/ Ryan Budget.

Do we want an oligarchy of the rich, for the corporations and banksters, by the rich? Do we want a line of inherited wealthy ruling the country that was once the great hope of the world? I think not.

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