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“How Democracies Die”

If nothing else the Trump presidency has hopefully scared Americans into understanding the real fragility of their democracy. At just the right time two professors, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, team up to publish a study of what can happen … Continue reading

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Syrian Chemical Weapons Removed

(Editor’s Note: While President Obama threatened to bomb Syria over the Aug. 21, 2013 Sarin gas attack that killed over 1,000 Syrians, in the end, the U.S., Russia and more than two dozen nations coordinated the peaceful removal of Syrian … Continue reading

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OFA to Fight for Obamacare

A note from Organizing for Action received Aug. 6, 2013: We wanted to make sure you saw Governor Patrick’s note. Because the reality is that some groups are going to spend untold millions to confuse people and spread outright lies … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Slaps Down Corporate Media Narrative

Watch this truly remarkable and rare television event as Chris Matthews destroys Andrea Mitchell’s attempts to put forth two false media narratives:  (1)  that Mitt Romney was successful in displaying heart and soul in his convention speech; and (2) the … Continue reading

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