Sunday Funday: Bribery In The Courts Edition

As if having a criminal at the head of their party isn’t enough, Republicans are now leading the US into more uncharted territory in the area of Supreme Court corruption. The Roberts Court has appeared to be steeped in corruption from the onset, now the revelations concerning Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginny bring the appearance into reality. Will Republicans in congress be able to stop investigation? They surely will try.

Something timely from the Marsh Family: 3 minutes):

And now to the questions:

A) Iowa seems to want to be known as the unkindest state as the legislature sent a bill to the governor requiring new reporting to get what aid?

B) President Biden celebrated what peace accords on his trip to Northern Ireland last week?

C) Monday the US saw yet another mass shooting, this time in what large US city?

D) Trying to stop congress from meddling in a criminal investigation, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg sued what congressional committee chair?

E) The middle of April has had many historical events. On April 14th, 1865 who was shot while watching a play at Ford’s Theater?

F) Juul – the e-cigarette company – settled lawsuits in 6 states and DC for what enormous sum?

G) April 11th, 1951. President Truman fired what General who was leading the Korean War for insubordination??

H) In another example of the new Iowa mean, AG Brenna Bird Monday announced that Iowa would end paying for what for rape victims?

I) After a great season, Iowa women’s basketball star Monika Czinano was drafted by what Women’s NBA team last Monday?

J) In the same vein, what two Iowa State women’s stars were drafted by Dallas of the WNBA?

K) As the Iowa Supreme Court heard arguments to end abortion in Iowa Tuesday, who was spotted entering restricted space in the Supreme Court building?

L) A bill was offered then withdrawn in the Iowa legislature that would force counties above what population threshold to vote for county supervisors by district?

M) After being removed from the Tennessee legislature last week, what two state reps were back at work by Thursday?

N) Here is a heartening number: Solar energy contributed what percentage of worldwide electricity last year?

O) Among other bribes to Clarence Thomas from Harlan Crow, Crow also bought what from Justice Thomas?

P) Fittingly, the new head of NASA’s Goddard Space Center, Makenzie Lystrup, took her oath of office using what book?

Q) Iowa isn’t the only legislature doing stupid stuff. Republicans in Missouri’s legislature voted to defund what usually non-controversial public entities?

R) What world religious leader was caught on camera asking a child to stick his tongue in the religious leader’s mouth?

S) Presidential contender and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis waited until very very late in the day when no one was around to sign what bill Thursday?

T)  Finally, where will the Democratic national convention be held in 2024?

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And stupid. We should be scared sh*tless of stupid. – Middle Age Riot


A) SNAP – The cost of administration will cost much more than any savings

B) The 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

C) Louisville

D) Jim Jordan

E) President Lincoln

F) $462 million

G) MacAurthur

H) The morning after pill following the rape

I) the Los Angeles Sparks

J) Ashley Joins and Stephanie Soares

K) Kim Reynolds, going where she wasn’t permitted

L) 125,000. That would be Polk, Linn, Scott, Johnson and Blackhawk but not Woodbury.

M) Justin Pearson and Justin Jones

N) 4.5% (1,284 TwH) 

O) The house Thomas’ mother lives (still lives) in

P) “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan – not the bible

Q) public libraries

R) the Dalai Lama

S) A new abortion bill that cut the time constraints back to 6 weeks pregnant.

T) Chicago

The level of uniform gaslighting, rewriting of history, and blanketing of social media we’re enduring currently from republicans and musk is unprecedented in the modern world. Mao would be impressed. They are manufacturing a fake reality built of pure propaganda and conspiracies. – Luke Zaleski tweet

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