Sunday Funday: Easter Bribery Edition

Well, I was all set to write some light hearted stuff about Easter, but the story of Clarence Thomas  and all the huge bribes he has taken while being a Justice on the Supreme Court broke. I can imagine that for a young person in this country right now there can be little more discouraging than to see the total disdain that Republicans hold for the rule of law. Yet they cynically still claim to be the party of the rule of law.

If there is to be any connection to Easter this year it would be that American can wake up (yes I said it) and realize how Republicans are perverting our laws and throw them all out.

Here are some cute little devils playing with their caretaker for Easter (40 seconds):

Wow what a week.

A) The week started out with the NCAA women’s basketball championship game Sunday. Who won?

B) Then we moved on to New York where who was arraigned in Manhattan District Court?

C) This was Passover week for those of the Jewish faith.  Beside the usual empty chair for Elijah many Jews leave at the Seder, an extra empty chair was left for who?

D) NATO grew by one member when what country was officially welcomed into the group?

E) An election for Supreme Court in Wisconsin that had national implications took place Tuesday. Who won?

F) Easter always falls after what astronomical event?

G) Jeremy Hansen, Victor Glover, Reid Wiseman and Christina Hammock Koch – these four people were selected to do what together last week?

H) Among gifts Clarence Thomas received from a billionaire donor the Thomas did not report included a vacation in Indonesia aboard a yacht valued at how much?

I) Names in the news: Who are Justin Jones and Justin Pearson? 

J) What major restaurant chain closed its offices for 3 days to prepare for layoff announcements later in this week?

K) In Iowa, the senate proposed what kind of a bill that had no dollars attached to it?

L) Marianne Williamson got a new opponent in the Democratic primary for president last week. Who announced he would run for president as a Democrat?

M) A bill passed in Kansas will stop transgendered from competing in sports. How will the bill enforce that ban?

N) What bread based snack is associated with Easter?

O) Twitter labelled what radio network as “state-affiliated media”?

P) Leaders of what organization were accused of covering up over 600 cases of sexual abuse in Maryland over several decades?

Q) What former Republican governor announced a bid to run for president last week?

R) What former national leader announced she would be leaving politics last week in Wellington, NZ?

S) Name in the news – Why was Juan Merchan in the news last week?

T) In an odd calendar and moon cycle coincidence what three major religious holidays are being celebrated at the the same time this year?

Republicans will continue to lose and lose. Millennials and Gen Z will make sure of it. Congrats Wisconsin! – Alex Cole tweet


A) LSU beat Iowa

B) Donald Trump

C) Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal reporter seized in Moscow last week

D) Finland

E) Janet Protasiewicz

F) The first full moon os spring

G) Fly to the moon on the Artemis mission

H) $500,00

I) The two black members of the Tennessee legislature who were expelled Thursday

J) McDonald’s 

K) a budget bill – money is the essence of a budget bill

L) Robert F. Kennedy , Jr.

M) through “physical examinations (read genital checks)

N) Pretzel


P) The Catholic Church

Q) Asa Hutchinson

R) Jacinda Ardern

S) The NY Judge who will preside over Trump’s trial in NY. Right wingers hav been threatening his wife and family.

T) Easter, Passover and Ramadan

You Ban Books, You Ban Drag, Kids Are Still In Body Bags – crowd chant at the Tennessee state house as members are expelled from the legislature Thursday.

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