Sunday Funday: April Fool Edition

 BBC: 1957 Spaghetti Harvest (3 minutes). Perhaps one of the best April fools joke ever:

Well, anybody get pranked yesterday? Wherever did this custom come from?  takes a look at how the day came to be. They have many versions of what may have happened, but this account does seem to have at least some history behind it:

When the western world employed the Julian calendar, years began on March 25. Festivals marking the start of the New Year were celebrated on the first day of April because March 25 fell during Holy Week. The adoption of the Gregorian calendar during the 1500s moved the New Year to January 1. According to the most widely-believed origin postulated for April Fools’ Day, those who could be tricked into believing April 1 was still the proper day to celebrate the New Year earned the sobriquet of April fools. To this end, French peasants would unexpectedly drop in on neighbors on that day in a effort to confuse them into thinking they were receiving a New Year’s call. Out of that one jape supposedly grew the tradition of testing the patience of family and friends. 

Well, I guess we all know a certain group that is trying to fool all the people all the time.

A) Tim Burchett, member of congress from Tennessee, jumped to the top of the news by saying what after the school shooting in Nashville?

B) The big news if the weeks of course the indictment of Donald Trump in Manhattan. Who is the Manhattan District Attorney who is prosecuting this case?

C) Caitlin Clark was named NCAA Women’s player of the year this week. What other Iowa Hawkeye won that honor 4 years ago?

D) Bibi Netanyahu delayed what looked like a possible toppling of his government this week by postponing a vote on what very divisive issue in Israel?

E) Gordon Moore died last week at age 94. Most of us probably have used Moore’s products at sometime in our life as he co-founded what semi-conductor giant?

F) A nuclear plant in what state bordering Iowa claims that the problems are fixed and the plant will be back online next week?

G) Who was the militant leader of the National Woman’s Party formed in 1916?

H) What company used legal maneuvers last week to blunt the takeover of their property management company by the state government?

I) Former producer Abby Grossberg is suing what network claiming they coerced her testimony in other lawsuits the network is involved in?

J) When was the last time the Iowa women played in the final four and who was the coach of that team?

K) April 3rd, 1865. The end of America’s Civil War draws close as what Confederate capital falls to the Union Arm?

L) In 1919 what was the last state to ratify the 19th amendment to the constitution to give women the right to vote?

M) Jacob Chansley was released Friday from federal prison. What name do most people know Jacob Chansley by?

N) Baseball is back for the year. Major rule changes were made to enhance the game this year. Can you name one?

O) Idaho passed a bill making it illegal for people to help minors seeking what medical operation to leave the state?

P) According to NPR how many people have been killed or injured at American schools by guns so far this year?

Q) A train carrying what derailed and caught on fire in Minnesota Wednesday?

R) A Starbuck’s Coffee store in what Iowa city filed papers to be represented by a union last week?

S) What state became the first state in 60 years to reverse its ‘right to work’ law?

T) The principal of a Christian school in Tallahassee, Florida resigned after students were shown what famous statue?

The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to prevent him from getting the gun in the first place. – David Hogg tweet


A) “We’re not going to fix it” referring to guns

B) Alvin Bragg

C) Meagan Gustafson

D) Overhauling the court system

E) Intel

F) Minnesota

G) Alica Paul

H) Disney out maneuvered DeSantis and Florida

I) Fox

J) 1993 – C. Vivian Stringer

K) Richmond

L) Tennessee

M) The QAnon Shaman

N) 1) 20 second pitch clock 2) larger bases 3) no more infield shifts 

O) helping a minor leave the state to obtain an abortion

P) 74

Q) Ethanol

R) Iowa City

S) Michigan

T) Michelangelo’s David

We had an assault weapons ban from 1994-2004 that prohibited the manufacture or sale for civilian use of certain semi-automatic weapons and banned magazines with 10 rounds or more. 

Mass shootings dropped during that decade. 

We did it once and should do it again. – Hillary Clinton tweet

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