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Just wow! The Dominion lawsuit against Fox is laying bare the truth about Fox as a partisan media company that knowingly spreads lies – led by Rupert Murdoch. The truth is that their most prominent hosts, as well as their guests, are NOT reporting factual news. If you haven’t watched Jen Senko’s The Brainwashing of My Dad, about the addictive radicalizing impact that Fox propaganda has on American families – now is a great time.

A shout out to the amazing folks at TruthTuesdays.Org (@TruthOverFox on Twitter) who have been tirelessly protesting every Tuesday outside Fox Headquarters in New York City, as well as other Fox satellite offices in the USA, denouncing Fox lies and elevating democracy. Please join them, if you can (info on their website)!

What can you do to fight Rupert Murdoch’s Fox propaganda?

Write to the advertisers and ask them to stop advertising on Fox:
Email template letters to media and advertising companies that normalize and help finance Fox propaganda with advertising dollars: CheckMyAds.Org
Demand your cable provider drop the Fox fee from the bill:
Cancel your cable altogether – and subscribe “a la carte” so you are not subsidizing Murdoch’s suite of channels FNC, FBC etc…

Four updates on our FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

The Media and Democracy Project submitted additional comments to the FCC about media ownership.

1- Thank you for signing our March 3, 2023 letter to the FCC that commented on the 2022 Quadrennial Review of Media Ownership Rules.

2- We submitted an additional letter to the FCC on March 20, 2023, in strong opposition to a statement by Fox Corporation, NBCUniversal Media, LLC and Paramount Global [CBS parent] who absurdly claim the need to be able to merge as media titans.

3- We also submitted a letter in support of further inclusion and diversity of media ownership.

4- Unfortunately, Gigi Sohn has withdrawn her nomination for the FCC, due to a smear campaign against her by cable companies, right wing oligarchs and dark money organizations. Now, Biden must nominate a candidate for the FCC that is a champion of Net Neutrality, and supports affordable BroadBand access for all. We still do not have a functioning FCC.

Media Accountability Corner:

Media Coverage of the indictment of Donald Trump

Please write Letters to the Editor / perform respectful outreach to media organizations/journalists to hold them accountable with your feedback; AND give praise to those who center truth in their reporting. Make sure the media reports that the indictment is about the “Rule of Law”. Trump has been indicted by a Grand Jury (not D.A. Alvin Bragg) filled with people of numerous political beliefs, who reviewed enough convincing evidence to recommend indictment.

Support your community.
Strengthen our democracy.
Invest in local journalism.

Use our interactive local journalism directory of all 50 states:

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Thank you.

In community,
Noelle, Brian, Jonathan, Holley, Cecily, Al, Carolyn, Milo and the entire Media and Democracy Project

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  1. Edward Fallon says:

    Jen Senko is brilliant. Have enjoyed having her on my program. The big commercial radio stations are as bad or worse than Fox.


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