Sunday Funday: No Arrest Edition

This may seem surprising to some, but justice prognosticator Donald T(for treason) Trump failed magnificently in his prediction that he would be arrested for one of his hundreds of crimes. Mr. Trump caused multiple networks to drop coverage of anything else, in order to cover him. Police secured buildings and public streets for nothing.

As ace reporter – and sometime satirist – Andy Borowitz noted:   

Trump claims failure to arrest him is conspiracy to keep him from getting donations.  If not arrested by Friday, Trump said, “I will perform a citizen’s arrest on myself.” 

Why does anyone pay any attention to this phony? No, that’s not a quiz question – OK let’s go:

A) Tuesday, 30 schools in 23 communities were the victim of what form of terrorist activity?

B) Los Angeles city and county in California had what kind of really strange weather amongst the continuing atmospheric rivers last week?

C) President Biden celebrated the 13th anniversary of the signing of what historic piece of legislation Thursday?

D) It is still Women’s History Month. Marie Curie won Nobel prizes in what two different categories?

E) What Republican presidential candidate did a fast about face on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine now claiming he supports Ukraine?

F) Iowa governor Kim Reynolds proudly signed two bills last week aimed at what very small, specific groups of Iowans?

G) From 8AM to 12:30PM the Indian Creek Nature Center near Cedar Rapids will be celebrating what delicious annual fest today?


H) The CEO of Moderna shocked far right senator Rand Paul when the CEO presented data that myocarditis in young men was far more likely if the young man did what?

I) The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for what world leader a little over a week ago?

J) The first Women’s History Day march took place in NYC in 1909 with 15,000 protestors. They were protesting horrible working conditions in what industry?

K) In Utah a parent filed a complaint that what book should be banned because it contains pornographic material?

L) Foot Locker announced that it will close 400 inside mall stores. Foot Locker is the descendent company of what once dominant retail giant?

M) What founding member of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has been outed as a major funder for a group running a media campaign against US involvement in Ukraine?

N) Ben & Jerry’s is owned by what major international conglomerate?

O) The CEO of what what major internet company spent Thursday denying that his company was a front for the Chinese government?

P) Despite failing to achieve orbit, a rocket sent aloft by Relativity Corp. was considered a success because of how it was manufactured. How was it manufactured?

Q) What world leader postponed a trip to France due to protests taking place in Paris against Macron’s decision to raise the retirement age?

R) What unusual animal is currently a focus as the possible link that connects the corona virus from animals to humans?

S) What novel, written by a woman, is considered to be the first true work of science fiction?

T) What country stepped up Arctic patrols as they reported that Russia had stepped up their (Russia’s) patrols off the coast of that country?

Never forget that we moved heaven and earth to bring Osama bin Laden to justice. Not because he flew an airplane into the World Trade Center on 9/11, but because he incited his followers to do it for him.  Now the world is waiting for us to hold Donald J. Trump accountable. – Andrea Junker tweet


A) Swatting – that is calling a police department with a story that may prompt the police to send in a SWAT team

B) Tornadoes – 2 tornadoes to be specific

C) The ACA or Obamacare March 23, 2010.

D) Physics and Chemistry

E) Ron DeSantis

F) transgender kids- kick ‘em when they are down, right Kim?

G) their Maple Syrup fest. 

H) got corona virus.  A young man has less chance of getting myocarditis if vaccinated

I) Putin

J) the garment industry. About 2 years later the Triangle Shirtwaist fire happened killing 146.

K) the bible

L) Woolworth’s

M) Ben Cohen

N) Ben & Jerry’s was bought by Unilever 

O) Tik-Tok

P) it was printed by a 3d printer

Q) England’s new King Charles III

R) A raccoon dog

S) Frankenstein

T) Norway

It blows my mind that Evangelicals voted for a guy who ignores every moral standard they claim to live by. – John Collins tweet

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  1. A.D. says:

    We should be very grateful that raccoon dogs are considered “unusual’ here. They were widely introduced in Europe because of the value of their fur, and they are now recognized as a very destructive invasive species.

    But in the U.S., the warnings of scientists, which are too often ignored, were heeded for once. So raccoon dog importation was made illegal and remains illegal. We’ve got hundreds of destructive invasive exotic species in the U.S., many of which could have been avoided. But at least we had the sense to spare ourselves the raccoon dog, and some other countries now wish they had done the same. The raccoon dog is a beautiful interesting animal that should have been left in the part of the world where it is indigenous.


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