Sunday Funday: Abraham Lincoln & Darwin’s Birthday Edition

It’s about time for that annual dog sledding competition in Alaska (March 4). Here are not some of the contestants (3:15):

Ironic that we celebrate the birthdays of these two giants of humanity as the radically right wing Republican Party is doing all it can to rewrite real history and has forever been in the forefront of denying science and especially evolution.

Kind of mind-boggling that the Party that was started in response to slavery is now trying to ban books and histories that discuss the reality of what slavery was and the aftermath of slavery in our country. They want to ignore the reality because it might make white children feel bad about their ancestry.

I went to a private church related high school and here I am 60 years later still mad that my school lied to me about so many things, including history. Like most people, kids want the truth and will be mad when they find out they have been lied to. It is amazing that this is a response that has yet to have a backlash in the Republican Party.

Another week of exposing Republican lies.

A) In his State Of The Union address, President Biden got Republicans to stand in support of what current governmental programs they had previously attacked?

B) This week we also celebrate the birthday of what major figure in 19th century black history on February 14th?

C) At Hillside High in Tuscaloosa, Alabama students staged a walkout when their student led Black History Month programs were told to avoid what subjects?

D) According to CNBC, the wholesale price of eggs has dropped by what percent since December 119th?

E) Claiming this bill will lower insurance rates for practitioners in Iowa the Iowa legislature passed limits on lawsuits for in what areas?

F) A disastrous earthquake of monumental proportions was centered in what two countries Monday?

G) Why did the US wait to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon last weekend?

H) Perhaps one of the best quotes ever, who said last week ’the dividing line in America is no longer between right or left. The choice is between normal or crazy.’?

I) February 12, 1909. The NAACP was founded on the centenary anniversary of whose birth?

J) Lapel pins of what object are becoming a fashion statement for Republican US House member?

K) In response to Iowa’s labor shortage, the Iowa legislature is advancing a bill to loosen labor restrictions for what group?

L) A train derailment last weekend caused chemicals to spew into the air in what two states?

M) The Church of England is in discussions to come up with neutral gender terms for who?

N) Due to the passage of a law last year the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was able to release a report on what issue for the first time in 20 years?

O) In Sports, who is the new king of scoring in the NBA?

P) In black history, what is The Green Book?

Q) Keeping with the black history theme, what record will be set with today’s Super Bowl?

R) What state governor got his wish as legislation aimed at getting revenge on Disney World became law in his state?

S) Charles Darwin based his theories on evolution on observations in what geographic area?

T) A neo-Nazi leader and his girlfriend were arrested in Baltimore accused of plotting an attack on what?

They don’t cheer for 12 million new jobs. They don’t cheer for quality education, expanded health care or billionaires paying the same tax rate as firefighters. They surely don’t cheer for democracy. Once again, the Republicans told us what kind of America they want. – Steven Beschloss tweet

Tip of the hat to EarlG on


A) Social Security and Medicare

B) Frederick Douglass

C) Slavery and Civil Rights. 

D) 52% – this in no way means that stores will pass those savings on

E) Medical malpractice

F) the epicenter was in Turkey with tumors in Syria

G) So the debris from the. balloon would not fall on populated areas. 

H) Sarah Huckabee Sanders , Gov. of Arkansas.  She apparently meant the Democrats are the crazies although few listeners agreed with that.

I) Lincoln’s

J) AR-15s or AK-47s. Remember the 5th anniversary is Tuesday and they are celebrating a weapon of mass murder?

K) Children. Ban books and go to work – the Iowa experience.

L) Ohio and Pennsylvania

M) God

N) deaths by guns in the US

O) LeBron James

P) The Green Book was a book that blacks in the Jim Crow era could use to guide them to black friendly restaurants, hotels and other accommodations

Q) For the first time in Super Bowl history, both starting quarterbacks (Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes) will be black

R) Florida’s Ron DeSantis

S) The Galápagos Islands off of South America

T) Power sub stations in the Baltimore area. The plan was to freeze African American neighborhoods

Texans are now DIGGING THROUGH DUMPSTERS in hopes of finding food, after days without power 

Hundreds of thousands lost power, surpassing the 2021 debacle

So guess what Governor Greg Abbott has been tweeting about all day?

His shi*ty border wall

I. Kid. You. Not. – Lindy Li tweet.  (Ed. note: Abbott is a likely Republican candidate for president)

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