Sunday Funday: February Is Black History Month Edition

Saw this clip of an interaction between black writer James Baldwin and Professor Paul Weiss from 1968 – some 55 years ago on YouTube the other day.

In many ways things haven’t changed a whole lot.


I am sure this video would not be approved by the Republicans of the Iowa legislature.

Now for my sports comment – That Iowa Women’s basketball team is GREAT! Big game next Thursday with Indiana. Don’t miss it! They are truly fun to watch.

Quiz now – burn some books later!

A) SoS Anthony Blinken called off a trip to China in part due to what that was spotted floating over the US?

B) Who was chosen as the new chair of the Iowa Democratic Party last week?

C) What Republican member of congress recused himself from committee work as he is investigated on finances and other election issues?

D) Lawyers for who sent letters to the Justice Department asking for an investigation into those who stole information from his laptop illegally?

E) What top administration attended the funeral for Tyre Nichols in Memphis last week?

F) Republicans removal of what security devices in the US House chambers has cast concern for next week’s State of the Union (SOTU) address?

G) On a party line vote, Republicans voted to remove what Democratic congress member from the foreign affairs committee?

H) Famous quotes from black leaders: Who said “if not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

I) Another huge employment number for the Biden Administration as how many new jobs were reported for the month of January?

J) What major Republican leader drew the wrath of right wing media when he responded to question by saying that the officer who shot Ashli Babbit was “doing his job”?

K) Who did the Republicans pick to give their response to President Biden’s SOTU next Tuesday?

L) strange happenings at the Dallas (Texas) Zoo. This week two tamarins, which are a a type of what, were kidnapped but fortunately found alive and returned to the zoo?

M) Who are the only three black people who have been elected governors in US history?

N) What is the name of the OTC (over the counter) eye drops that are being recalled because they may be contaminated with a drug resistant bacteria that could cause eye infections?

O) One glitch in the employment news was what quarterback who positively, absolutely is retiring this time?

P) Doctors are warning that what dangerous fungal disease that was mostly confined to the desert southwest is now spreading across the nation?

Q) February 1, 1960, four African American students are refused service at a lunch counter at a Woolworth’s lunch counter in what city, becoming the first sit-in demonstration?

R) What academic group appeared to bow to political pressure from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and completely revamped their African American studies program?

S) In Montreal, Canada the prognosticating groundhog made what prediction for the coming season?

T) And one from our crazy former leader. Trump sued who for using quotes from Trump in his book?

Imagine being a woman in Florida that votes for men who want to track her daughters menstrual cycle. Sick bastards. – MayoIsSpicyy tweet


A) Some kind of surveillance balloon that appears to be from China

B) Rita Hart

C) George Santos 

D) Hunter Biden – stealing his data is a crime


E) VP Kamala Harris

F) The metal detectors.

G) Ilhan Omar

H) John Lewis

I) 517,000 – by far the best two year stretch for any president

J) Kevin McCarthy – He was asked if the Capitol policeman who shot Babbit committed murder or was doing his job?

K) Newly elected Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders

L) Tamarins are a type of small monkey

M) The first was L. Douglas Wilder in Virginia in 1987. Next was Devol Patrick in Massachusetts in 2007 and this year (2022) Wes Moore in Maryland 

N) EzriCare Artificial Tears

O) Tom Brady! Wait………

P) Valley Fever

Q) Greensboro, NC

R) The College Board

S) None. When the time came the sponsors reached in the hole and found the groundhog had died, probably in December

T) Bob Woodward – Trump sued him for $49 million

DeSantis trusts anyone to carry a loaded gun without a permit, but doesn’t trust a licensed teacher with a book. – piper4missouri tweet

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