Remembering January 6th


Yesterday was the second anniversary of a day that should live in infamy. An attack on the halls of our government led by a sitting president. What has followed since has been sad to see indeed. An attempt to hold that president accountable for his actions through impeachment failed on a near party line vote.

Hard to imagine that one party in this country ignored what happened right in front of their eyes, right in their faces and did not have the courage to stand up for what is right. Hard also to believe that that president who led that insurrection is not only still walking free, but is also the leading candidate for his party’s nomination for president.

It feels like we are caught in some kind of real dystopian science fiction novel where the writer’s purpose in telling his tale is to illustrate just how low humanity can go. We are only part way through that novel. How will it end? 

So far we see that president’s party coming back into partial power. In their new role their sights are set on crippling portions of our functioning government. With a critical need for congress to pass a raise to the debt ceiling we see that party planning to once again to kidnap the debt ceiling and hold it hostage:   

“It’s not hard to imagine the ungovernable GOP majority clashing with Democrats and the White House this summer and fall over the debt ceiling — with the entire world economy hanging in the balance.

Even before the House speaker stalemate, Goldman Sachs warned late last year that 2023 could bring the scariest debt ceiling fight since that infamous 2011 episode that cost America its perfect AAA credit score.

In the past, brinksmanship over the debt ceiling eventually gave way to a compromise, though often not until significant pressure was applied by business leaders, financial markets — or both.

It’s not clear how a debate over the debt ceiling will play out this time though, given the narrowly divided Congress and skepticism from Republicans about corporate America.” 

Republicans have already let it be known that their first order of business will be a tax cut for the wealthy. Out of one side of their mouth you hear screeching about government debt and out of the other side of their mouth they are proposing tax cuts that will greatly increase that debt. Their unreal dream is that they will then be able to then bring about the death of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and any other safety net program by cutting off funding for these programs.

Did you know that when you voted for a Grassley, a Miller-Meeks, a Hinson, a Feenstra or a Nunn that you were voting to end these programs? We tried to tell you. Will you believe it when they do it and Mom and Dad move in with you?

Over at commondreams we are reminded that “No Matter Who Leads House GOP, Advocates Say, ‘They All Want to Cut Your Social Security’”. 

One such issue is Social Security, a program that Republicans have targeted for cuts and privatization for years under the guise of “saving” it from insolvency even though its finances remain strong and it can’t—by law—add to the deficit, rendering common GOP talking points moot.

“Republicans may be in ruins, with the lunatic extremists fighting the slightly less extreme extremists,” Social Security Works PAC president Jon Bauman wrote on Twitter as Tuesday’s speakership vote descended into chaos.

“But there’s one thing you can count on,” he added. “They ALL want to cut your Social Security.”

Months before the internal GOP struggle over the top House post burst into the open, a group known as the Republican Study Committee (RSC)—comprised at the time of 158 of 212 members of the House GOP caucus, including McCarthy supporters and detractors—released a policy agenda that called for gradually raising the Social Security eligibility age to 70 and means-testing the program’s benefits.”

Two years ago our Happy New Year was a an insurrection led by a sitting president. We then witnessed that party fail to convict that impeached president. Now that party is in charge of one branch of government and at least some of them are planning to do some real damage to the American people.

January 6th, 2021 – a day that should live in infamy.

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