How To Be a Watchdog For Clean Water

Photo: CCI

Here is an important action alert from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI):

Calling all factory farm pollution watchdogs!

Winter manure application limits start today!

If you live or work in Iowa communities near factory farms or the fields where they apply liquid manure, we need your help in making sure factory farm operators follow the rules to protect our water.

From December 21 to April 1, factory farms with 500 or more animal units (at least 1,250 hogs, 500 steers, or 357 mature dairy cows) cannot apply liquid manure on ground covered with an inch or more of snow or one-half inch of ice. Starting Feb. 1, liquid manure application on frozen ground is restricted.

That means Iowans like you play a critical role in protecting our water from factory farm polluters. They dump it, we drink it, we won’t stop until they clean it up!

If you see liquid manure being applied illegally, or if you see something that just doesn’t look right to you:

First: Take pictures!
Then: Call CCI 515-282-0484 or email
And: Report the polluter to your DNR field office!

Clean water is a human right and together we can achieve it!

P.S. Want to make a donation to support our clean water work or renew your membership? Give here.

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515-282-0484 .
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