Sunday Funday: Autumn Winds Down Edition

Cats + snow – what more is there to say (4:25)

If one can let their mind wander back to the days of our early ancestors thousands of years ago, we know that many of them spent a good amount of time watching the sun, when it rose, how it tracked and when it set and at what angles. This would be the time of year that such observers would be looking for the signs that the sun would indeed return, but was that always certain?

Along about December 6th the sun sets at its earliest time of the year but then stays at that time for a week or so. Then a week later the sun actually starts setting a little later and a little later. Certainly a good sign. Then at the solstice the length of the day stops decreasing and then begins to actually increase! Party!

Of course those ancients did not have any type of modern timekeeping devices. I have no idea what they measured with, but the holidays around this time indicate that someone was keeping a very close eye on the sun. Human need to understand their environment has always been top priority.

Or maybe I have an overactive imagination.

Last week was eventful and next week may be more so.

A) Hey, the Biden’s did some entertaining. What Head of State made an official state visit to the site House last week?

B) In a big defeat for the former president, a panel for the 11th Appeals Court said who should not get special rules made for them?

C) In Iowa, the Spirit Lake School Board voted to OK what controversial policy at their meeting Monday?

D) Tuesday is a big day in politics as the midterms finally comes to an end with a run off senate vote in what state?

E) Tuesday is also the feast day for what Christian saint whose person evolved into Santa Claus?

F) Wednesday is the 81st anniversary of what attack on the US that drew the US into WWII?

G) The Respect for Marriage Act passed the US Senate Monday. How many Republicans voted for this bill?

H) How many same sex marriages are there in the US as of today?

I) What candy that represents a bishop’s crosier is associated with Saint Nicholas?

J) Trump lost a lot of supporters when it was revealed that he had Thanksgiving with what well known bigots?

K) Speaking of bigots, Elon Musk restored Twitter access for what bigot on Monday and the suspended it again on Thursday?

L) What part of the bill to avert the railroad  strike was quashed by Republicans in the US Senate Thursday?

M) Before its end on December 31st, the Select Committee on January 6th is considering issuing what kind of referrals for certain people?

N) As this is written, it is looking like what state will lose its plumb position as the first state in the Democrats presidential nominating process?

O) The music world was saddened Wednesday to hear of the death of what singer and keyboardist for the rock group Fleetwood Mac?

P) Better late than never. After years of legal maneuvers the House Ways and Means Committee got 6 years of whose tax returns?

Q) In a historic move, US House Democrats elected who as their new minority leader?

R) December 2, 1942 – Physicists at the U of Chicago, led by Enrico Fermi, carried out what world changing experiment?

S) Twitter ended a policy that had banned disinformation on what subject?

T) December 3, 1967 – Dr. Christian Barnard performed the world’s first what transplant in Cape Town South Africa?

Your reminder that Elon Musk is not an engineer, Donald Trump is not a successful businessman and Ron DeSantis is not a human being. – Jeff Tiedrich


A) French President Emmanuel Macron

B) Former presidents

C) They voted to arm 10 staff members with concealed weapons

D) Georgia

E) Saint Nicholas

F) Pearl Harbor

G) 12

H) Just passed 1 million last week

I) The candy cane

J) Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

K) Kanye West

L) the part that ensured rail workers would get paid sick days

M) Criminal referrals- probably for Donald Trump and others

N) Iowa

O) Christine McVie

P) Donald Trump’s

Q) Hakeem Jeffries – the first black in that position. He follows Nancy Pelosi who was the first woman in that position

R) The first controlled nuclear chain reaction

S) Covid

T) heart transplant

A bill collector just called my husband for outstanding medical bills. I told him that my husband is in hospice. He told me just to have him call when he gets back.  This is America. – ray_osa tweet

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