Sunday Funday: Happy Thanksgiving Edition

The classic segment on Thanks giving from WKRP In Cincinnati: (3 minutes)

A big thanks to perhaps the very best Speaker of the House ever, Nancy Pelosi. Sadly, now after great leadership from Pelosi, America will see what lousy leadership is, Ridiculous investigation spurred by lies and disinformation. But the public will be spared the details by a corporate media that is almost 100% extreme right wing. They will cover for Republicans with lies and disinformation. Can anyone say Soviet Union?

We will try to take it a little light today. We need to decompress from the midterms and relax for Thanksgiving.

A) We would be remiss if we did not give some thought to what tragedy that took place 59 years ago this coming Tuesday in Dallas Texas?

B) As Speaker Pelosi moves out of her leadership role in the Democratic Party, who is expected to be next in line for the role?

C) At a much anticipated speech Tuesday night, who had to have the doors locked in order to keep people from walking out?

D) November 19, 1978 what event gave rise to the saying “drinking the Kool-Aid?”

E) Once it became certain that Republicans would have at least a one seat majority in the House, they held a press conference to announce they would do what?

F) Thomas Jefferson refused to declare Thanksgiving during his presidency. Why?

G) Testifying in the Trump Organization tax fraud trial CFO Alan Weisselberg indicated which members of the Trump family knew and participated in the fraud?

H) After a week+ Arizona has a new governor. Who won?

I) President Joe Biden met for three hours with what other major world leader in Bali Monday?

J) The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade made its debut in what year?

K) What company’s whose employees were told they could no longer work from home ended up locking its doors so employees couldn’t come into the office out of fear of sabotage?

L) Congress is holding hearings on establishing a non-voting seat in the US House for what group of people that was promised to them nearly 200 years ago?

M) What major world-wide sporting event begins today?

N) Ticket selling snafus for what major singing star is focusing attention on what ticket selling behemoth?

O) In 1953 an accidental huge over order of turkeys by the Swanson company led to the invention of what staple of American dinners?

P) What percentage of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving day?

Q) The Senate voted to suspend the filibuster for a bill that would protect same sex and interracial marriages. How many Republicans voted against the suspension?

R) The world teetered on the verge of a possible escalation of Russia’s war against Ukraine as a missile struck in what third country, killing two and possible invoking NATO retaliation?

S) A White House wedding and I didn’t get invited! Who got married in the White House yesterday?

T) The US celebrates on the fourth Thursday of November. When does Canada celebrate their thanksgiving?

BONUS) The FDA approved lab grown what as safe for human consumption this week? 

Al Franken

Congrats to horrible lying scumbag Kevin McCarthy on winning the nomination to lead a terrible group comprised almost entirely of nut jobs and/or chickenshits.


A) The assassination of President John Kennedy

B) Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York

C) Trump

D) The mass suicide of the followers of Jim Jones in Guyana

E) Investigate the President. They got nothing else

F) Jefferson believed in the separation of Church and state and believed that Thanksgiving was a sort of a religious holiday

G) Trump and his two sons, Junior and Eric

H) Katie Hobbs!

I) President Xi of China

J) 1924 – so just a couple years short of a century

K) Twitter 

L) The Cherokees

M) The World Cup – it ends a week before Christmas

N) Ticketmaster

O) The TV dinner

P) 88% (according to Good Houskeeping)

Q) 37

R) Poland

S) Presidential Grand daughter Naomi Biden

T) The second Monday of October or what we call Columbus (or Indigenous peoples) Day

BONUS) Meat, specifically chicken 

Many years ago I remember watching the middle-aged Tea Party Patriots™ marching around in their silly little tri-corner chucklef*ck hats, holding misspelled protest signage, and laughing my ass off at them. I never, ever imagined they’d become the mainstream Republican party. – Liam Nissan

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