Sunday Funday: Whole Lotta Money Edition

if it was good enough for Teddy, it’s good enough for me!

Holy Smoke, Democracyman! There sure was a lot of money spent this year to buy control of congress! 

Yes there sure was – over $9 billion was spent. Why not just auction those seats off and use the money for something useful like feeding the poor or something? 

Just want to remind you that this is all the fallout from a Supreme Court decision in early 2010 known as Citizens United. That decision was early enough in 2010 that it allowed the money floodgates to open which resulted in an avalanche of state legislatures turning Republican. Since 2010 was a census year, 2011 would be a redistricting year. 

Republicans took full advantage of their state legislative wins to gerrymander the hell out of state and national districts. Since then Republicans have been in the catbird seat.

What a week – what an election.

A) Penthouse to the outhouse –  who did most Republicans blame their losses on Tuesday?

B) The virus that won’t be caught. What variant of covid is now the dominant strain in the US?

C) At the global climate negotiations in Egypt, President Biden pledged that the US would cut its greenhouse gas emissions by what percent by 2030?

D) What fast food company made a horrible mistake in Germany when they sent out a message telling customers to “celebrate Krisattnacht” with them?

E) What one Iowa state wide race was won by a Democrat Tuesday?

F) In Germany the date of November 9th is known for two huge events. One was Kristallnacht in 1938. The other occurred in 1989. What happened in Germany on November 9, 1989?

G) This year November 9th was the date of Russia’s withdrawal from what major city in Ukraine?

H) Stock markets surged last week as reports noted that what appeared to be slowing?

I) Despite having suffered a stroke, who won the open senate seat in Pennsylvania Tuesday?

J) It looks like Elon Musk may tank what multi billion dollar company in record time?

K) Out lesbian women won two governorships Tuesday. Can you name the states that elected them?

L) A noose was found on the construction site of what project Thursday causing a suspension in operations while investigations occurred?

M) In southwest Ohio a man was shot dead by his neighbor last Saturday because the neighbor thought the dead man was what?

N) In another saga of rich men’s toys what crypto exchange is seeking bankruptcy following its collapse last week?

O) Vermont, Montana, California, Kentucky and Michigan all passed ballot measures that in some way protected what rights in these states?

P) A rising segment of homeless Americans is in what age group?

Q) In current use, what is a Mastodon? 

R) The Republican gubernatorial candidate in what state called her state a “banana republic” as counting is slow due to state laws?

S) November 14, 1666 the first experimental blood transfusion took place between two what kind of mammals?

T) November 18, 1883 – schoolteacher Charles Dowd of Connecticut proposed 4 uniform what for the US to solve the vexing problem that caused no one to know what time it was?

I  dare, nay, I double-dare, actually to hell with it, I triple-dog-dare a mainstream newspaper, magazine, or news outlet to do a big feature on asking Republican elites to venture into urban & Rust Belt diners to ask average Americans why they voted Democrat in the 2022 election. – Wajahat Ali tweet


A) Donald Trump

B) Omicron BQ.1 and BQ.1.1

C) 50%

D) Kentucky Fried chicken

E) State Auditor Rob Sand won his race

F) The Berlin Wall came down

G) Kherson

H) inflation

I) John Fetterman

J) Twitter

K) Maura Healy in Massachusetts and Tina Kotek in Oregon

L) The Obama Presidential Center worksite

M) a Democrat. Yep he shot his neighbor because he thought the neighbor was a Democrat.


O) Abortion rights

P) over 60 – just think what will happen when Republicans take away Social Security and Medicare

Q) These days Mastodon is emerging as the heir apparent to a failing Twitter

R) Kari Lake in Arizona

S) two dogs

T) 4 uniform time zones

Republicans are out here screaming about raising the voting age to 21 because Gen Z is voting Democratic and “the brain doesn’t develop until age 25” but then they immediately say 18 years old should have free access to AR-15 assault rifles because freedumb.  – Liam Nissan

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