Sunday Funday: Time Change Edition

Well this is it. “Standard” time makes its appearance for a full four months! So don’t forget to set those clocks back and grab that hour of sleep back that you lost in March.

****** WARNING ******

Voting Republican Tuesday will turn the calendar back about 140 years. We cannot afford to do that!

And now, Katie Porter explains what is really causing inflation (7:30)

Here we go:

A) The Supreme Court was much in the news last week. Which Justice was mentioned in emails as the justice to be used to stop the electoral vote count on Jan. 6,2021?

B) A case concerning what policies for college admittance with wide possible applications was heard by SCOTUS last week?

C) This almost never happens anymore. A judge stopped the merger of what two large publishing companies because it could violate antitrust rules?

D) Election Day trivia – why do we vote in November?

E) What three major drug store companies were fined billions for their role in the opioid crisis?

F) What two states currently do not change their clocks for daylight time?

G) SCOTUS also refused to stop whose taxes from being seen by the House Ways and Means committee?

H) Missile tests by what rogue country raised alarms so much in Japan that warnings were issued in 3 prefectures?

I) What two leaders issued a warning to Vladimir Putin that use of nuclear weapons would “cross a line”?

J) In the World Series Houston threw the second no-hitter in Series history. However it wasn’t one pitcher, but how many did it take to get the no-hitter?

K) The Parkland shooter was given what sentence for his killing spree last week?

L) What percentage of Americans on average vote in midterm elections?

M) November 7, 1989 who was elected as the first African American in the US? (Hint: Virginia)

N) Who was sent home from the hospital Thursday after nearly a week?

O) Who sued Trump Monday to get him to pay her legal fees for a case that Trump filed that was thrown out of court as a mockery of the system?

P) Last week had some interesting elections worldwide. In Israel what long time politician looks to become prime minister one more time?

Q) In Brazil many were surprised that what former president won a head to head election against the current president?

R)  What celebrity weighed in on the important Pennsylvania Senate race to endorse John Fetterman last week?

S) In the last bit of SCOTUS news from last week, who will be forced to give testimony to a Georgia grand jury as SCOTUS failed to block his subpoena?

T) What former ’50s teen idol ended decades of shake, rattle and roll with his death a week ago Friday ?

Brazil kicked fascism’s ass and we get our turn on November 8th. – Beks tweet


A) Clarence Thomas

B) Affirmative Action

C) Penguin Random House and Simon Schuster

D) Goes back to our agrarian roots. Farming was usually done by November but there was still some good travel weather

E) Walgreen’s, Walmart and CVS agreed to pay @ $13.8 billion.

F) Arizona (except Reservations) and Hawaii

G) Trump’s

H) North Korea

I) Chairman Xi of China and Olaf Scholtz of Germany

J) 4

K) life in prison without parole

L) 40%

M) L. Douglas Wilder

N) Paul Pelosi

O) Hillary Clinton

P) Benjamin Netanyahu (also keeps him out of prison)

Q) Lula da Silva

R) Oprah. It was important because Oprah was the one who launched Dr. Oz’s TV career

S) Lindsey Graham

T) Jerry Lee Lewis

The attack on Paul Pelosi originated with the exact same conspiracy theories as the January 6th attack on the US Capitol Building. Same rhetoric.  Same madness. Same cause. Same delusions. The same violence. 

Republicans won’t condemn it, because they want MORE of it. – Stonekettle tweet

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