Sunday Funday: Yep, It’s Halloween! Edition

Here it is, Kiddies – Halloween!

This video is a haunted house at Universal Studios in Florida (3 minutes):

Halloween is a night when we pretend that evil has taken over in all its many forms. Of course for most of us, Halloween fun takes place within parameters so no one gets hurt. Unfortunately, reality these days is much more scary. This week in Iowa, our top two elected officials will be campaigning with a guy who attempted to overthrow our democratic government and also stole Top Secret documents. 

Our top two elected officials – Senator Grassley and Governor Reynolds think that campaigning with such a disreputable person is perfectly fine. It is in reality an insult to Iowa and a message as to what the Republican Party will do with power. It is truly frightening!

What a week!

A) Once the mighty highway of America what river has shrunk to trickles in spots below St. Louis?

B) Despite a recent stroke what Democratic candidate for the US Senate took part in a televised debate last week?

C) The spouse of what top US politician was attacked and beaten in their home Friday morning?

D) Politics around the world – to no one’s surprise, who was re-elected as China’s leader for a third 5 year term last week?

E) In Britain, who became the 3rd PM in two months after his rival Boris Johnson dropped out in a battle for leadership of the Tories?

F) One more – what major western hemispheric country has a run off today to pick its new president?

G) “Americans have no freedom from religion” stated what major Republican politician last week? 

H) A story slowly developing in far southwest Iowa has a woman telling police that her father was a serial killer who may have killed over how many women over 3 decades?

I) After entertainer Ye went on a horrible anti-semitic rant, it has come out that he (Ye) has an obsession with what historical figure?

J) While inflation is high, how are profits for the oil companies doing?

K) Elon Musk finally bought his big toy, Twitter. What was one of the first things he did as owner?

L) What regulating group told Musk he would play by their rule or be shut down in their sphere?

M) What do you sprinkle on your doorstep to keep evil spirits out of your house on Halloween?

N) What country banned the sale, purchase or transfer of handguns about 10 days ago?

O) Looking like this fall and winter will be a ‘triple-demic’ with covid, flu and what other respiratory disease that usually hits kids all hitting at once?

P) As the World Series started Friday night, what was missing in the lineups of the two teams taking part?

Q) Darrell Brooks has his 15 minutes of fame as he is found guilty on six counts of homicide from his driving through a Christmas parade where?

R ) What singer’s new album, Midnights, became the year’s top selling album in just one day?

S) Is the pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?

T) what is the derivation of the word ‘bonfire?’

On Dec.7, the Supreme Court will hear a case that will determine if State Legislatures  have the sole power to elect our next President. The only way to prevent that is to hold onto Congress and pass Voting Rights. If you’re not scared of creeping Fascism, you’re not alive. VOTE! – Rob Reiner


A) The Mississippi

B) John Fetterman in Pennsylvania

C) Paul Pelosi in San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi was not home

D) President Xi

E) Rishi Sunak

F) Brazil

G) Former VP Mike Pence

H) 70

I) Adolf Hitler

J) Highest ever! Exxon made close to $20 billion just last quarter

K) Fired the CEO and CFO

L) The European Union

M) salt

N) Canada


P) There were no American born black players on either starting team. The first time since 1950

Q) Waukesha. Hopefully we will never hear of him again

R) Taylor Swift

S) According to my sources, it is a fruit

T) It comes from bone and fire.

Say it with me: To control inflation, we must take aim at corporate profits, not working people. – Robert Reich

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