Sunday Funday: Indigenous Peoples’ Day Edition

Indigenous Peoples’ Day (2:32)

Yet another major irony in the American calendar. America finally realizes that Columbus was not the hero he was purported to be by previous generations. So for many the day honoring Columbus has been supplanted by a day to honor the indigenous people that Columbus began the slaughter of. Now some 530 years after Columbus the incursion of Europeans that led to the extermination of native peoples and the theft of their land we give them one day a year to be commemorated.

And still their humiliation goes on.

Another what a week, for sure.

A) In a speech Thursday night President Biden warned that who was seriously considering using nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine?

B) Columbus “discovered” America in what year?

C) According to the National Bureau of Economic Research which US political party suffered a significantly higher number of deaths from covid-19?

D) What hard line anti-abortion politician gained national attention when it was revealed he paid for one girlfriend’s abortion several years ago?

E) A harbinger of yet another covid surge in the US this winter is being felt in what part of the world right now?

F) The Brazilian election last Sunday ended up with what candidate winning?

G) Yet another good job report with how many new jobs being created in September?

H) Nebraska senator Ben Sasse announced Thursday that he will resign from his senate seat to do what?

I) In perhaps one of the biggest announcements of the week, what group announce they will drastically cut oil production?

J) In yet another huge announcement, President Biden announced he would pardon people convicted under what laws?

K) Two Russians seeking to avoid compulsory military service in Russia were caught trying to sneak into the US in what state?

L) 82 years ago today, what rock and roll icon was born in Liverpool, England?

M) While transporting what major US politician, the Secret Service had an accident which they immediately tried to cover up?

N) Female student athletes in Florida must supply information about their what before they are allowed to compete?

O) In a revelation this week the National Archives reported that Trump had not returned all the what he stole?

P) In her first questions from the bench what newest SCOTUS justice noted that the 14th amendment was indeed drafted with race in mind?

Q) 130 fans were killed in what country when police used tear gas to stop a riot after a soccer game last week?

R) In Big Ten football, head coach Paul Chryst was fired at what school a day after losing to Illinois?

S) The Nobel prize in physiology went Svante Paabo for sequencing the DNA of what human ancestor?

T) What “Queen of Country Music” died last week at age 90?

Bonus) On October 11th, 1939 what scientist warned President Roosevelt that the Nazis could build an atomic bomb based on his theories?

If I were a single-issue voter, my single issue would be that traitors shouldn’t be president. Middle Age Riot


A) Putin – really scary

B) 1492

C) Republicans

D) Herschel Walker

E) Europe with rising rates of infection in Britain, Italy and France

F) Neither candidate won over 50% so Bolsinaro and Lula will have a run off.

G) 263,000

H) become president of the U of Florida

I) OPEC+ announced they will cut production by 2 million barrels a day

J) federal marijuana laws.

K) Alaska

L) John Lennon

M) VP Kamala Harris – this is very concerning

N) menstrual cycle

O) documents.

P) Ketanji Brown Jackson (very impressive!)

Q) Indonesia

R) Wisconsin

S) Neanderthal

T) Loretta Lynn

Bonus) Albert Einstein – this led Roosevelt to begin the Manhattan Project

OPEC reduced oil production in order to drive up prices just one month before the midterm elections. Who pushed for this? Russia, along with Saudi Arabia. And who benefits politically here? Trumps, MAGA politicians and the GOP.

If gas prices go higher, remember why. – George Takei

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