Sunday Funday: Fall In! Edition

Talk about a sudden change from summer to fall! One day it is 100 degrees, two days later it is fall with temperatures barely able to make 60 degrees. For people like me, my body and mind are all ready for the change. There just isn’t anything like the cool, crisp autumnal days.

Meanwhile over in Russia, Putin wants young men to fall in to the army so they can be the cannon fodder for his war of choice in Ukraine. It is not going over well – “how to break your arm at home” is the top search in Russia suddenly. Apparently a broken arm = a deferment.

Hey! It looks like the wheels of justice are turning! 

A) Five years after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, what hurricane once more devastated the island?

B) Meanwhile, Japan was belted by a major what Sunday with winds of over 100 mph and 2 feet of rain?

C) It’s still Hispanic history month: What country has the most native Spanish speakers?

D) Uh, wut? The former president claimed during a TV interview that he could declassify documents by doing what?

E) What is the name of the NY AG who sued the former president for $250 million in back taxes etc.?

F) Besides suing the former president, the NY AG also referred criminal charges to what two federal agencies? 

G) The wife of what SCOTUS justice will give testimony to the January 6th Committee?

H) Last Friday was the first day for early what in Minnesota, South Dakota, Virginia and Wyoming?

I) The benchmark price for oil fell below what price level Friday?

J) Medical leaders in the US are warning that the US may face a “twindemic” that will involve what two diseases hitting at once?

K) “It’s closing.” “No it’s not.” Iowa’s governor says what facility is NOT closing despite an email sent to employees titled “facility closure”?

L) Name two states that once were part of Mexico?

M) Every Republican in the senate voted to block a bill Thursday that would have forced the disclosure of what in campaigns?

N) September 24, 1957 – President Eisenhower order the National Guard to keep order as what city’s high school is integrated?

O) Now what? What essential ingredient in making beer bubbly is experiencing a shortage this fall?

P) The FDA had to issue a warning, thanks to a TikTok challenge, to not cook what combination together?

Q) What WNBA team won its first franchise championship last week?

R) What Broadway show is scheduled to close next February after 35 years (1987)?

S) Perhaps the funeral of the century. Who was buried Monday in front of worldwide TV coverage and attendance by many national leaders?

T) The DOJ Monday charged 47 people with defrauding a federal program of $250 million that was meant for what purpose?

Teach a man to hate and he’ll vote Republican for a lifetime. – Middle Age Riot


A) Hurricane Fiona

B) typhoon

C) Mexico

D) declassifying them in his mind

E) Letitia James

F) the FBI and the IRS

G) Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginni. No date set yet.

H) early voting

I) $80/barrel – yet the price of gas remains high

J) Covid and the flu.

K) the Iowa Veteran’s Home in Marshalltown

L) California, Nevada, Utah, Texas and New Mexico, along with most of Arizona and Colorado, and some of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming.

M) dark money contributions to super-PACs

N) Little Rock, Arkansas

O) carbon dioxide.

P) chicken and Ny-Quil (seriously)

Q) the Las Vegas Aces

R) The Phantom of the Opera

S) Queen Elizabeth II

T) feeding poor children during the pandemic. 

Bad news, morons: Joe Biden just reclassified everything with his mind. – Jeff Tiedrich

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