Sunday Funday: Hispanic Heritage Month Edition

An oldie but a goodie: (1:32)

It seems like it was hardly an accident of timing when the despicable Florida governor and radical right winger Ron DeSantis used fraud to load up a plane full of Hispanic citizens and sent them to Martha’s Vineyards on Thursday which was the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month in the US. Thursday was also the 59th anniversary of the Birmingham Church bombing which killed four young girls.

One can almost hear the echoes of the voice of George Corley Wallace when DeSantis speaks. He and fellow governor Greg Abbott of Texas rekindle memories of Ross Barnett, Strom Thurman, Lester Maddox and all the other Southern politicians who made their bones on hate and division. It speaks so badly of our country that people of their ilk even have a chance to be elected to public office in America.

But they probably wouldn’t have a chance without the far right media such as Fox News laying the groundwork for the hate to take hold.


Looks like the trains will run on time. Who did that? Joe Biden!

A) What state’s coastline is being battered by the remnants of a typhoon this weekend?

B) Who is the US Secretary of Labor who was a former labor leader himself, helped negotiate the deal between the railroads and the teamsters?

C) The boil water order for what state capitol was lifted Thursday as the governor declared the municipal water safe to drink?

D) What two members of Britain’s royal family will are not allowed to dress in military garb despite being the only two to have served in the military?

E) What businesses drew criticism from the gun industry when they announced gun sales will now be put in a separate category on statements?

F) In what was no surprise in Sweden’s parliamentary elections last Sunday the party representing which spectrum of the political landscape won a majority in parliament?

G) Major League Baseball celebrated the life of what Hispanic American and humanitarian Thursday?

H) Not to be outdone, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a busload of immigrants to whose home in Washington, DC last week?

I) Hardee’s restaurants got a publicity boost last week when who had his phone seized in the ongoing insurrection investigation?

J) Trump had an up and down week last week. On the downside who rejected a Trump offer to settle the investigation into fraudulent statements for tax purposes?

K) On the upside what judge once again stepped in to rule in Trump’s favor in the special master questions in his theft of US secret documents case?

L) Which side took a major upper hand in the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week?

M) What lawyer who was the lead prosecutor of President Clinton’s impeachment died last week?

N) Dolores Huerta and Caesar Chavez were labor leaders co-founded unions for what section of labor?

O) The head of what global health organization declared that the “end of the covid pandemic is in sight”?

P) In a case in Des Moines that is raising outrage around the country, 17 year old Piper Lewis was ordered to pay $150,000 to who?

Q) What assassin of Beatle John Lennon was denied parole for a 12th time last week?

R) Who got headlines for not voting by mail this year, but instead went to his local polling place to vote Tuesday?

S) Approximately how many Latinos live in the US (2020 census)?

T) In a cultural shock, trailers of what new movie with a black actress as the title character is causing big reactions across the US?

They should have named Build Back Better – Cleaning Up After Trump. That way we can avoid having to clarify how we got here in the first place. – Tim Hannan


A) Alaska is being belted by the remnants of Typhoon Merbok in one of the largest September storms ever to hit that state.

B) Marty Walsh 

C) Jackson, Mississippi

D) Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. They no longer do ‘royal’ work.

E) Credit card companies, specifically Visa, Mastercard and American Express

F) the far right

G) Roberto Clemente

H) VP Kamala Harris

I) Pillow man Mike Lindell

J) NY AG Letitia James

K) Judge Aileen Cannon. Cannon also pushed the end date of the special master past the election to November 30th.

L) Ukraine launched a major offensive in the east and took control of about 2500 square miles from the Russians

M) Ken Starr.

N) Agricultural workers

O) the WHO (World Health Organization)- the pandemic isn’t over yet though folks

P) the family of the rapist she killed to stop the raping. A Go Fund Me page has been established to help her pay this odd verdict.

Q) Mark David Chapman

R) President Biden

S) 62.5 million

T) “The Little Mermaid” – Halley Bailey stars as Ariel. Right wing commentator Matt Walsh said “With The Little Mermaid, can we just mention that, from a scientific perspective, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have someone with darker skin who lives deep in the ocean,” – how much scientific perspective do we have on fictional creatures, Matt?

I’ve never wished a man dead, but I’ve read some obituaries with great pleasure. – Clarence Darrow

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