Sunday Funday: Ernst Dumps Burn Pit Victims Edition

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Iowa’s Senator Joni Ernst who flaunts her veteran status as a major part of her political identity turned her back on fellow veterans as she changed her vote on the bill to expand health care to vets who came in contact with open air burn pits during their deployment. Once again, one of Iowa’s radical Republicans shows that their loyalty to insane party policy is much stronger than any personal convictions.

Ernst was chastised by fellow veteran Jeremy Butler as reported by The Washington Post:  

Jeremy Butler, chief executive of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, called out Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) for switching to a no vote Wednesday.

“After voting to support the #PACTAct and her fellow veterans, Sen. Joni Ernst turned her back on them yesterday and voted NO,” he tweeted. “What happened Senator? Iowa vets are still getting sick and dying from toxic exposures.”

Ernst once more proves that the radical Republican Party has moved from party  to cult. As a headline in the Virginia Mercury states: “These People Don’t Care”.   

And yet citizens will vote for them?

A) After a brain eating amoeba killed a Missouri man at Lake of Three Fires State Park in Iowa, the state of Iowa took what action?

B) Word leaked out this week that what government department was indeed investigating the insurrection?

C) The President was declared free from what disease after a relatively short period of 5 days?

D) Defamation cases have been decided in lawsuits brought by “Covington kid” Nicholas Sandman against the NYT, ABC and others. How were these cases decided?

E) A man who has been stalking Rep. Pramilla Jayapal’s home, threatening to kill her has finally been arrested and charged with what?

F) Treatment for monkeypox may be running into discrimination problem as the disease seems to be concentrating in what segment of society?

G) Former Iowa representative Jim Leach surprised some folks when he endorsed who in the 1st district congressional race in Iowa?

H) Leach also announced his endorsement of who in the Iowa senate race?

I) St. Louis area residents were inundated with a record rain of how many inches Tuesday morning?

J) Thanks to deal with Sen. Joe Manchin it looks like Democrats will be able to pass a reconciliation bill that will have major effects on what long range issue?

K) As Lyn Cheney noted “the dam has broken” in the January 6th insurrection investigation. Name two members of the Trump inner circle who were said ti have given testimony to the J6 Committee?

L) A White House wedding? Do tell me where and when? Boy, is the Secret Service ever relieved!

M) James Murray who announced his retirement as head of what agency, has delayed that retirement as the agency is going through a scandal connected with January 6th?

N) The Pope visited what country last week in order to apologize for the Catholic Church’s role in the abuse (and deaths) of the country’s indigenous people?

O) Vice President Kamala Harris visited Indianapolis last Monday as the Indiana legislature entered a special session focusing on what?

P) August 1, 1944. The last entry into what book written by a teen girl hiding out during WWII is made?

Q) The senate passed the CHIPS Act Wednesday. This Act will save the US from being dependent on computer chips being made elsewhere. How did Grassley and Ernst vote?

R)  A new study revealed that although that vitamin is often recommended for bone, it really does lower risk of fractures in older adults?

S) Tony Dow’s death was announced Tuesday, then rescinded, then announced officially Wednesday. What was Tony Dow’s claim to fame?

T) August 2, 1776 is the actual date that members of the Continental Congress officially signed what document?

Celebrate with me: my tribe (the Oglala Lakota Nation) — has officially banned religious missionaries from the reservation. – Lakota Man tweet


A) Closed the park for a short while, then reopened it earlier this week. Good luck!

B) the Department of Justice

C) Covid – a short illness probably due to his vaccines.

D) Against Sandman

E) Felony stalking

F) gay males

G) Christina Bohannan

H) Admiral Michael Franken

I) over 9 inches

J) climate change!

K) Steve Mnuchin and Mick Mulvaney. Mike Pompeo is reportedly in negotiations.

L) President Biden’s granddaughter Naomi on November 19th, probably on the South Lawn

M) the Secret Service

N) Canada

O) abortion

P) Anne Frank (I cry as I think of the horror authoritarians can cause and how our country is nearly in the throes of authoritarians)

Q) Grassley – nay. Ernst – nay

R) Vitamin D

S) He played Beaver Cleaver’s older brother Wally on “Leave It To Beaver” on the 1950s & 1960s sitcom.

T) The Declaration of Independence – as some have noted the least celebrated important date in American history

I like how Democrats don’t tell you who you can marry, what you can read, and when to become a parent. – John Collins

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  1. A.D. says:

    I am definitely not a fan of Iowa water-quality policies, and I try to act accordingly (volunteering, donations, voting, etc.) However, I understand why the DNR acted as it did re the Lake of Three Fires.

    Naegleria fowleri can be found in many bodies of water in a number of states, especially in the South. And yet infections have been “extremely rare” over the years. It is not possible to somehow clean the amoeba out of a lake. Putting up a warning sign makes sense.

    Iowa could be doing a lot to clean up Iowa’s water, but isn’t. Our decades-long acceptance of massive farm pollution is especially weird. Media excitement about the amoeba, and ho-hum to the usual beach advisories and nutrient contamination. That’s Iowa 2022.


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