What Has Biden Done?

I ran across this list about three weeks ago on dailykos.com. Kos has a policy of letting folks use their work as long as they get the credit. More than happy to do that. This list compiled by Good News Roundup was posted to remind people that Joe Biden was able to accomplish one hell of a lot of very progressive policy while senate Republicans did all they could to stop Biden from doing anything.   

While the radical right in the US Senate has tried to stop Biden, (don’t blame it all on Manchin. If there was one or two Republicans with a spine, Manchin wouldn’t matter.) the extreme right corporate media has been pounding daily for months on inflation trying to drive Biden’s numbers down. It is an all. Out attack from the right on Biden.

Yet gas prices are going down, inflation is cooling some and despite the Fed trying to steer us into a recession, job numbers still look good. As you peruse through the list below you can easily note that in less than two years Joe Biden has done a pretty good job steering the ship of state.

So let’s get him some more Democrats in the House and the Senate and make Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell (and Chuck Grassley) irrelevant as America surges under Biden! {Note: each following one liner should be a link to a tweet on the subject- ed.}

Lowered unemployment to its lowest rates since the 1960s. 

Returned the US to the UN human rights council. 

Is currently overseeing an historic expansion of wind farms to change our future. 

Negotiated an international deal that ended tax havens for rich people who won’t pay their fair share. 

Made the largest investment in railroads since Amtrak was created.  

Protected Americans from foreclosure and eviction during the pandemic. 

Extended the US Russia nuclear deal. 

Strengthened protection for dreamers.  

Cracked down on big tech monopolies.  

Strengthened unions.

Saved the pensions of over 1 million unionized workers. 

Invested more in Black farmers than any other government act in history. 

Improved gun control through executive action, saving lives. 

Reduced the number of hungry Americans. 

Created new alliances with Australia and other countries to check Chinese power. 

Ended the forever war. 

Brought diversity to the executive branch.  

Added legal defense for immigrant kids

Made historic investments in busses and other public transportation.  

Fully funded and begun the process of replacing all lead water pipes in America. 

Prevented over 1 million COVID deaths.

Protected over 3 million acres of national park land ensuring national parks for our kids’ futures.

Slashed child hunger.  

Brought clean water to Flint (and other cities).  

Oversaw one of the largest investments in semiconductor manufacturing in US history.  

Got schools back in person.  

Expanded Obamacare so that many families could get more healthcare for less money

Rejoined the WHO.  

Rejoined the Paris Climate Accord.  

Ended the Muslim travel ban. 

Gave us more tools even for fighting COVID.  

Created more jobs in his first year than any president in American history.  

Passed a historic infrastructure bill that past presidents have tried (and failed) to do.  

Strengthened NATO.  

Made broadband more affordable and accessible. 

Nominated more qualified judges (and got them confirmed) in his first year than any other president.  

Invested in cybersecurity

Made historic investment in the fight against domestic terrorism

United children separated from families during Trump administration. 

Passed one of the largest industrial bills in US history to make sure US stays competitive with China

Provided a surge in funds to groups helping victims of domestic abuse

Made the largest investment ever in Native communities bringing basic healthcare, education, and infrastructure to impoverished communities. 

Put in new rules to protect endangered species, preserving important habitats. 

Made the largest contribution to saving trees (stopping deforestation) of any president in our history

Signed into law bipartisan gun measure that will save live

Signed nine different bipartisan laws that will vastly improve veterans’ healthcare

Made clean energy a national security issue as a smart (and accurate) way of increasing our ability to build heat pumps and solar panels. 

Brilliantly united the free world to fight Russian aggression

Is currently boosting  green jobs and curbing emissions by plugging old oil and gas wells

Nominated the first Black woman to the Supreme Court

Signed into law the first ever bill to make lynching a federal hate crime

Dedicated $585 million to the Violence Against Women Act. 

Increased financial aid for college.  For example, he increased Pell grants from $400 to $6,895 — the biggest expansion ever. 

Made new “Buy American” rules that strengthen manufacturing in the US.  These are the biggest changes to these rules in 70 years. 

Initiated the most significant restoration and cleanup of the Great Lakes in its history.

Signed landmark #MeToo Bill which ends forced arbitrations used to cover up abuse

Initiated economic policies that led to a 30% increase in new businesses

Made sexual harassment in the military a crime, for the first time ever.

Brought kindness, decency, and honesty back to the White House.

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