Sunday Funday: Hard Of Hearing Edition

Let us start with something happy. There are always plenty of shelter critters looking for  a forever home. One is curled at my feet as I type this. (3 minutes)

New Trumpublican exercise: Cover ears with hands, stick out tongue and repeat ad infinitum “la la la la, I can’t hear you!” Recommend this exercise to be done while national news networks cover the J6 Committee hearing. Exercise may result in permanent loss of reality and a desire to become a Trumpublican

Well that was quite a week.

A) What national TV network did not carry the January 6th (J6) Committee hearing Thursday night?

B) Perhaps the dumbest person in congress said Wednesday that mass shootings happen because what happened long ago?

C) 3 killed and three wounded in a mass shooting at a manufacturing facility in what state Thursday?

D) The United States and President Biden hosted a gathering of what countries on Los Angeles last week?

E) What British Prime Minister survived his party’s no-confidence vote although by  a relatively small margin?

F) Saturday night/ Sunday morning saw a mass shooting killing 3 and injuring 11 in the South Street district of what major American city?

G) A major what will test the country’s electric infrastructure this weekend and next week?

H) At the J6 hearing Thursday night who warned Trumpublicans “There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain,”?

I) June 12, 1929. What young girl is born in Frankfurt, Germany whose diary of hiding from the Nazis will become a posthumous best selling book?

J) In somewhat of a surprise, who won the Democratic nomination to run for Iowa’s senate seat?

K) Pennsylvania Representative Scott Perry was identified as having asked the then president Trump for what?

L) Speaking of Trump, which of Iowa’s Trumpublican office holders did he fail to endorse in an endorsement statement last Sunday?

M) The leading Trumpublican candidate for governor in Michigan was arrested by the FBI Thursday for his part in what?

N) Next Sunday is what major holiday for slaves in Texas at the end of the Civil War?

O) The PGA has suspended how many professional golfers who have signed with what new Arab backed professional golf tour?

P) The recount is done in Pennsylvania. Trumpublicans nominated what candidate for senate who reportedly lives in New Jersey?

Q) What actor born in Uvalde, Texas garnered huge attention for his impassioned plea to politicians to address gun violence?

R) The new US quarter featuring what female Cherokee Chief goes on sale Tuesday?

S) Trumpublican candidate for congress in western New York Carl Paladino made headlines Thursday when he said the US could use a leader like who?

T) In an incredible result a small clinical trial of immunotherapy at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center saw what happen to patients with rectal cancer?

Happy 21st anniversary, Bush Tax Cuts. 

Thanks for saving the economy from that Clinton surplus and for creating all those new jobs.  

In Asia. – John Fugelsang


A) Fox of course

B) Prayer in school was banned

C) Maryland

D) countries of the Americas

E) Boris Johnson

F) Philadelphia

G) Heat wave

H) Rep. Liz Cheney

I) Anne Frank

J) Admiral (ret) Michael Franken

K) a presidential pardon for his part in the insurrection

L) Marriannette Miller-Meeks

M) the J6 insurrection

N) Juneteenth (June 19th) when slaves in Texas were informed of the outcome of the Civil War

O) 17

P) Dr. Oz

Q)  Matthew McConaughey

R) Wilma Mankiller

S) Hitler

T) All patients in the trial saw their cancer disappear.

I 100% don’t give a crap if the #January6thCommitteeHearings change the minds of Trump supporters. I only care that the evidence presented is so damning that the DOJ has no choice but to criminally prosecute Donald Trump and all involved in the failed coup and Jan 6 attack. – Dean Obeidallah

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