Thoughts On The Current Gun Crisis

Sam Bee compendium of gun mass shooting shows: (36 minutes). Not sure when this was on – probably over a year ago.

When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” ~ Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.

As Sam Bee noted in the above video, it is not video games, it is not mental health, it is not the internet. When all else is eliminated, the answer becomes guns. The easy access to guns. Not just guns but real killing machines. Machines that are made for one purpose and that is to kill.

Why then if these machines are made for killing, why hasn’t some governing body studied the situation and decided that letting killing machines into the hands of everybody is a really bad idea? The answer to that one is one of the major problems with our political system. That is money. Money from corporations and the wealthy who do not see gifts to politicians as donations but as investments.

Over recent decades one of the biggest investors in politicians have been the lobbying arm of the gun industry, the National Rifle Association or NRA. The NRA has poured millions and millions particularly Republican campaigns. Thus Republicans have become basically puppets of the gun industry. Just ask Iowa senators, Grassley and Ernst.

As an aside, let me remind you that even as money dried up for the NRA, they were able to keep the bribery machine primed with money from Russia and Vladimir Putin. Is that still happening? Could be.

While some 90% of Americans want gun safety laws, Republican politicians have an allegiance not to their constituents but to their corporate donors especially the gun industry. If you don’t believe that their allegiance is to their corporate donors you only have to look at their record on climate change and the oil industry or national health care and the insurance industry.

This is where you and your family and neighbors come in. Are you sick of the death? Are you sick of what gun injuries can do? Do you fear that someday your child will be caught in a school shooting situation? There is one thing you can do that will help the situation.

No, it is not praying. After all the ‘thoughts and prayers’ that have been offered up over the past quarter century of death and destruction the situation has only gotten worse. Republicans are only working to sell more guns which turn in to “campaign contributions” to them.

As noted above by Sherlock Holmes, the strategy that remains is to elect Democrats who will actually do something. And as a bonus, there may be some laws pass that will help stop the ever looming climate crisis or legislation that will reform our hodge-podge medical system.

Are you finally sickened enough by the death of children by a killing machine. Then DO SOMETHING! Vote for people who do not wear the shackles of the NRA and help us get weapons of war and killing machines off our streets. Come November vote for common sense Democrats!

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