McCarthy  And McConnell Bow To Former Guy

As does Iowa’s Republican delegation.

The above video of the Rachel Maddow Show from Thursday night delves deeply into the cowardice of Republican leadership in the face of a direct assault on our government by A SITTING PRESIDENT! Now more than a year later both McCarthy and McConnell lie daily about the insurrection.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah is also on the front lines of lying about the insurrection and his part in the whole crime. 

It is interesting that also on Thursday that the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation announced their recipients for the annual Profiles in Courage Award. Among the recipients is congress member Lynn Cheney. What is amazing is that Cheney was only doing her job as a member of congress – that is putting the good of her country ahead of what her party wanted. 

For simply being one of the two members of the Republican Party who put her country first – as all members should do – Cheney will receive a Profile in Courage Award. 

Think about that – of the whole elected Republican Party in the US, Liz Cheney is singled out as the only member who did her job the way it should be done. Adam Kissinger is the other.

Think of those missing from the list, especially Iowans. Chuck Grassley did not win an award. He cowers in. The face of the man who lied a coup against the government he headed. Who can forget Grassley basically kissing Trump’s ass in Des Moines last October. 

But Grassley was only the first on a long line of Iowa Republicans publicly kissing Trump’s butt that night. Ashley Hinson, Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Kim Reynolds were also eager for some Trump love.

Soon the January 6th Committee will be holding hearings live on television. Hopefully they will tell the story of a sitting president who – along with his family and close associates – were at the center of a plot to overthrow democracy in America. 

But a major part of the story that will go unmentioned is that cowards such as Grassley, Reynolds, Miller-Meeks and Hinson who could not do even the very simplest part of their jobs, that of standing up for democracy and condemning those who sought to overthrow our government.

Meanwhile Republicans across the country are running campaigns based solely on so-called ‘wedge’ or cultural issues. These issues are meant to divide voters and divert attention from Republicans turning our government over to the rich. 

From Progress Iowa we get an email Thursday outing Kim Reynolds for her latest ridiculous move to join a “strike force” against asylum seekers at the US southern border:


Kathryn Kuckelman (Press Secretary)

(515) 490 – 8526

STATEMENT: Gov. Reynolds’ decision to join so-called “strike force” is pure politics

Des Moines, Iowa — Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to Iowa joining the partisan American Governors Border Strike Force, which is made up entirely of Republican Governors:

“Governor Reynolds’ decision to join the American Governors Border Strike Force is her latest effort to distract us from the workforce crisis she created in Iowa as our job growth continues to lag behind national numbers. 

“Just last year, Gov. Reynolds said a surge of migrants at the border was “not our problem” and refused a request for help with unaccompanied children at the border. Then just a few months later, she put the lives of twenty seven Iowa State Troopers on the line by sending them to the southern border. That publicity stunt cost Iowa taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

“By joining this Border Strike Force, Gov. Reynolds and her corporate donors are trying to divide us – by stoking fear against people based on where they come from or what they look like. Iowans need a leader who will address the issues our state is facing, increase jobs and wages and improve access to healthcare. This stunt is pure politics and ignores what Iowa families need while exploiting people in need.”

Meanwhile Democrats, led by President Biden, continue to create jobs, enforce laws and fight for the common citizen.

We have a great slate of real patriots running as Democrats this year – Dieter DeJear, Liz Mathis, Christina Bohannan and three outstanding candidates to send cowardly Chuck Grassley back to his farm. Admiral Mike Franken, Dr. Glenn Hurst and Abby Finkenauer all could do a much better job for Iowa and the country than the current occupant of the senate seat.

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