DeJear Files To Run For Governor!

Candidate Deidre DeJear filed her nominating petitions to run for Governor Tuesday morning. I believe she can win and take Iowa in a new direction that will pay attention to the citizens of Iowa rather than the corporate big wigs. DeJear will be that fresh voice that Iowa needs.

DeJear has a vision for Iowa, unlike her opponent. The current governor has a vision that seemingly has been dictated to her by the Koch Brothers political arm, Americans For Prosperity. DeJear’s vision is inspired by Iowans and what the state needs to become Iowa again.

As noted here a couple of weeks ago, many former Iowans are wondering what has happened to Iowa? Well, the answer is Republicans. Reynolds and the legislature are in the process of turning Iowa into a libertarian dream state much as Kansas was a few years ago. America then watched as Kansas swirled down the figurative drain as revenues dried up and the state nearly shut down.

Despite DeJear’s lack of name recognition, it appears the governor’s race is very tight already. According to a recent Des Moines Register poll Reynolds is only 8 points ahead, a very weak position for an incumbent governor. Her strategy to divide Iowa is not popular.   

Get involved, folks. This has the makings of a huge upset next fall – and of course money is the fuel that runs campaigns.

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