Sunday Funday:  Vernal Equinox Edition

Back once again – Randy Rainbow!

I love to call it Vernal Equinox – conjures up a picture in my mind of a white haired, white bearded old guy who is getting out of his cabin as the world warms to go around and greet all his neighbors with good tidings of great things to come. So welcome Vernal Equinox. Glad to see you. Can you sink some Russian tanks in Ukraine in the mud? Thanks.

Well, I guess a lot of folks expected the Hawkeye men to go a long ways in the tourney. In the words of the eternal optimist- maybe next year.

Here we go:

A) Russia is expanding their attacks on Ukraine by now including what major western Ukraine city?

B) The nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin to the Federal Reserve Board was stopped by Sen. Joe Manchin for what reason last week?

C) The US Senate had an unusual moment of unanimity when it passed a bill by voice vote that would make what permanent?

D) President Biden held a two hour call with what other world leader Friday concerning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine?

E) A leaked memo from the Kremlin ordered Russian media to make as much use of what Fox commentator’s broadcasts as possible?

F) It is still women’s history month – Sally Ride was a great name for the woman who became America’s first what?

G) Both Moderna and Pfizer are seeking approval from the FDA for what related to covid?

H) Hearings for what pioneer SCOTUS nominee begin tomorrow?

I) What singing legend asked that the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame withdraw her name from nomination to the Hall?

J) Amazon bought what major Hollywood movie studio Wednesday for $8.5 billion?

K) “Switchblades” were in the news last week in relation to the Ukraine War. What are switchblades in this context?

L) Russia created a list of individual Americans that they would put sanctions on. What was unusual about the list?

M) In Iowa, debate on a bill to stop mandates of what were derailed in the Iowa House?

N) Lizzie Magie invented a board game called the “The Landlord’s Game” in 1904. That game was the forerunner of what highly popular board game?

O) Patsy Mink, former representative from Hawaii, is most noted for writing what law that gave women equal opportunities?

P) A woman in Russia displaying a sign that said “No War! They are lying to you” broke into what to display that sign?

Q) A 7.4 magnitude earthquake shook what area of Japan that had a catastrophic earthquake in 2011?

R) President Biden will be attending a meeting in Brussels next week with other leaders of what?

S) Howard Schultz is returning as CEO of what company in an effort to stem the growing union movement in that company?

T) In yet another atrocity committed by Russians against Ukrainians last week included the bombardment of what building in Mariupol being used as a shelter?

Meanwhile, Republicans think fighting for freedom means punching a flight attendant for asking you to wear a mask. – Middle Age Riot


A) Lviv

B) Her stance against fossil fuels

C) Daylight Savings time

D) China’s Xi Jing Ping

E) Tucker Carlson’s 

F) female astronaut

G) a second booster

H) Ketanji Brown Jackson

I) Dolly Parton


K) Killer drones used to take out tanks and other military vehicles

L) It was all Democrats – they got no problem with Republicans

M) Stop mandates on covid vaccinations by businesses and Government 

N) Monopoly

O) Title IX – celebrating its 50th year this year.

P) The state television’s evening news broadcast

Q) Fukushima

R) NATO to discuss Ukraine

S) Starbuck’s

T) a theater

Putin must be defeated, and Ukraine must prevail.

But America’s true enemy … lies within. – duty2warn tweet

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