High Five: Progress Iowa’s Daily Take On Iowa News

Progress Iowa adds a daily email take on what is happening in Iowa – and especially the legislature. This issue is from Friday. Much better than reading the mainstream media whose mission seems to be not pissing off Republicans.

Thank you, Progress Iowa, for telling it like it is:

It’s finally Friday!

One more chilly day before we get to defrost this weekend, and that’s more than our Winter Olympians can say. I’m glad to just watch the amazing athletes do their thing from the comfort of my couch.

Check out the other exciting, and sometimes scary, things happening this week in Iowa:

1. COVID KIM PRETENDS THE PANDEMIC IS OVER: Despite Iowa seeing nearly record high numbers of COVID cases and hospitalizations, Governor Reynolds has announced that she is ending the emergency health proclamation this month. This pandemic is not over, and her failed leadership has allowed it to spread, unmitigated throughout our state. In hopes of creating an illusion to avoid political fallout, she’s willing to risk the health, safety and lives of Iowans still at risk of COVID.

Stand with us and tell Reynolds and Iowa Republicans that we trust science, and won’t let them make us and our loved ones less safe.

Click to tweet: When our neighbors, friends, family, and fellow Iowans are still struggling through this pandemic, @IAGovernor has put on her blinders & ended the COVID proclamation. Iowans won’t forget #COVIDKim leaving us behind… AGAIN #Iowa

After you share that message, check out these other stories below:

2. BIG BROTHER – REPUBLICAN EDITION:  Because apparently we live in a dystopian YA novel, President of the Iowa Senate, Jake Chapman, has introduced a bill that would put teachers in jail.

Let me repeat that.

The PRESIDENT of the Iowa Senate introduced a bill that WOULD PUT TEACHERS IN JAIL. What more needs to be said… Other than this is ridiculous, fascist, and is going to hurt educators in our state and drive professionals away.

3. REPUBLICANS TAKE YOUR STUDENTS LUNCH MONEY: Iowa House Republicans have unveiled their plan to defund Iowa’s public education system and put more money towards private religious schools. Iowans support our public education system and know that when it is properly funded, we have the best schools in the country. But thanks to Republicans however, our schools have been underfunded and understaffed and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

4. DEMOCRATIC TAX PLAN BOOSTS WORKING FAMILIES: And while Republicans try to strip public schools of their funding and continue their attacks against professional educators, Iowa Democrats are prioritizing Iowan families. Under the Democrats’ proposed tax plan, a single working mom could receive thousands more back in their refunds each year, and large corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share.

5. FIRST NONBINARY WINTER OLYMPIAN IS FROM IOWA(!!!): To end this week on a brighter note, the first openly non-binary Winter Olympian is set to compete this month in Beijing. Make sure to stay tuned and check out how Timothy LeDuc, a Cedar Rapids native, and their partner do!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll get back with you Monday for another High Five!

– The Progress Iowa Team

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