Sunday Funday: Things Looking Up Edition

11 minutes that wrap up a lot of thoughts on the state of the US:

Got to admit, Thursday’s news that the various legal entities are circling the mob empire that the former president controls made me feel christmassy for the first time in 5 years. The very thought that he may finally meet justice sent my soul soaring. One of the last things my late mother-in-law said before she died 3 years ago was “I hope they get that son of a bitch.” 

I am sad that she won’t be here to enjoy his twisting in the wind, but I will be thinking of her as he goes down. Also, in the kind of karmic twist we all love it is looking more and more like New York AG Letitia James will be the first to take a hunk out of his corrupt ass. James is four of what he hates most. She is a woman, she is black, she is honest and she is a Democrat. Karma at Christmas is delightful.

So lots and lots happened, plus Christmas is coming and Hanukah was great!

A) Friday, Iowa joined the list of states that had a reported case of what new Covid variant?

B) BOO! BOO is one of two new alternatives as a possible Covid treatment joining ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. What is BOO?

C) The other new alternative Covid treatment was hawked by Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson. What did Johnson recommend?

D) December 15th is the date for the adoption of what addition to the US Constitution which contains many of our freedoms?

E) What California congress member, who has been harassed by a ‘cow’ on Twitter, announced he would leave congress by the end of the year?

F) The trial on contempt of congress for what former Trump administration member has been set for July 18th?

G) Fox News treated the burning of what object at their HQ in New York City as a major hate crime?

H) Two lawsuits have been filed against the Oxford, Michigan school system in the attack on students at their high school. How much are the lawsuits asking for?

I) Bob Dole died this week. As a result of injuries in WWII the senator and former presidential candidate did not have the use of what arm? (Hint: he always had a pen in that hand)

J) Officials in Hawaii are having a potable water crisis after an oil leak from what source was found to be contaminating its water?

K) What major US city announced a vaccine mandate for all private employers?

L) In Buffalo, New York, workers for what national chain voted to be represented by a union? This was the first union representation for this company.

M) Workers for Kellogg’s voted down a contract from the company. What is the company’s response?

N) One of Iowa’s most prominent Democrats, Rob Sand announced he will run for what office in 2022?

O) According to Covid prevaricator and Fox News liar Tucker Carlson, the Covid vaccines now cause what side effect (especially in men)?

P) Back in the old days (ancient Roman) what was the name of the festival that was held around the end of December?

Q) President Biden had a long Zoom confrontation with Vladimir Putin as Russia massed troops at the border of what neighboring country?

R) Who now heads the government of Germany as Angela Merkel ended her 16 years as Chancellor? 

S) The statue of what Confederate leader removed a while ago in Charlottesville, Va, has been given to a Black cultural center that will melt it down?

T) What two republican congress members posted Christmas pics of their families posing with guns?

Humanity. Decency. Empathy. Respect for human life. Waking up every day to make lives better. These things matter. Thank you, Joe Biden. – Steven Beschloss

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A) omicron – here we go. Covid Kim will mess this up for sure

B) BOO is an acronym for Black Oxygen Organics. Also known as magic dirt it is another of the quack treatments for covid.

C) Mouthwash – Johnson said just gargle away the Covid. Johnson is not a doctor

D) The Bill of Rights

E) Devin Nunes. Nunes will run an internet company fro trump. You would have thought he would try to get a paying job.

F) Steve Bannon – Justice delayed is Justice denied said MLK

G) their fake Christmas tree

H) Each are asking $100 million

I) His right arm. He carried a pen in his right hand so people would not try to grab it to shake his hand

J) An oil storage tank in the Navy yards in Honolulu

K) new York city. With administrations changing we will see if the new mayor will continue that policy

L) Starbuck’s

M) They will hire scab replacements

N) State Auditor again

O) He claims they will ‘feminize’ people. I believe all Fox employees were required to be vaccinated, including Tuckee.

P) Saturnalia

Q) Ukraine

R) Olaf Sholtz

S) Robert E. Lee.

T) Lauren Bobert of Colorado and Thomas Massie of Kentucky

BREAKING: Gas prices are falling significantly, the stock market is surging, the job market is red-hot, pay is up, the vaccination rate is climbing, and Vice President Harris hasn’t defended a president who attacked our democracy and wanted her dead. – Earl Stephens tweet

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