Sunday Funday: Slowly I Learn Greek Edition

“It’s that Time Of Year” 30 seconds:

What was the old joke? War is America’s way to teach its children geography. Well it looks like the updated version of this is epidemics are America’s way to slowly teach its children the Greek alphabet. So far we have learned Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, some lesser letters, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi and Omicron. More to come I hope not.

It feels like the world teetered a bit last week, but it feels like we have the right people in the right places to prop it back up and keep it rolling. Last year I was hopefully optimistic. This year I know we are headed the right direction. If the anti-vaxxers would just quit trying to commit slow suicide and get a jab for all of us.

Lots of news last week.

A) Let’s start with perhaps the biggest story. The SCOTUS heard arguments in a case specifically aimed at overturning what landmark case?

B) During those arguments, Justice Amy Coney Barret said that adoption could “obviate the need for” what?

C) What European country announced it would enforce an extreme lockdown for unvaccinated individuals beginning in February after a parliamentary vote?

D) Once again the US is stunned by a high school shooting in what city?

E) Where did the suspect in the above shooting get his weapon?

F) Former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, became the butt of derision after he called a story in his own book what?

G) Speaking of books, how is that new Chris Christie book doing?

H) Time to sneak in some ‘time of year’ questions. Although the solstice is December 21, when does the sun start setting later in the day?

I) The debt ceiling was once more extended to February thus avoiding a year end disaster. How did Iowa’s congress members vote on the debt ceiling extension?

J) Some news on the labor front last week. What major player in cereal with a huge plant in Omaha settled their strike last week?

K) On the east coast of Iowa, what long term project connecting Iowa and Illinois has finally been completed after 4 years?

L) Tuesday is the 80th anniversary of what one of America’s most infamous tragedies?

M) What TV doctor has announced he will run for senate in Pennsylvania despite the fact he doesn’t live there?

N) The far right made a big to do when the Vice President bought what on a trip abroad?

O) In Tucson, Arizona a police officer was fired after he shot what kind of  person in an alleged shopping incident?

P) Kind of a Cinderella story. Susan Arnold was chosen as the first female Chair of the Board for what major entertainment company?

Q) The high profile trial of what consort of Jeffery Epstein began last week?

R) What now former head of Twitter announced he was leaving Twitter as of Monday?

S) What CNN news anchor has been indefinitely suspended?

T) Hundreds of what items were found in an Alabama ravine by local authorities?

life hack: avoid the stress of following the government lifting/reinstating of mask mandates by ignoring them and wearing a mask regardless. – shaun tweet


A) Roe v. Wade

B) Abortion

C) Germany – unvaccinated will only be allowed to go to things like grocery stores and drug stores.

D) Oxford, Michigan

E) It was an unsecured gun in his parents house.

F) “Fake News”

G) It has sold 2,289 copies so far, making it one of the biggest flops in history

H) next week on December 13th

I) Axne voted to extend and avoid a disaster. MillerMeeks, Hinson and Feenstra voted No and for a possible disaster.

J) Kellog’s

K) the I-74 bridge

L) Pearl Harbor 

M) Dr. Mehmet Oz

N) A copper cooking pan

O) The victim in this case was wheel chair bound and was shot 9 times in the back. He was alleged to have stolen a tool box from Walmart.

P) Disney

Q) Ghislaine Maxwell

R) Jack Dorsey

S) Chris Cuomo. He used his connection to try to help his brother the governor identify those who were accusing his brother of sexual harassment

T) Fed-Ex packages.

Hey Lauren Boebert, maybe not a good idea to call a colleague a terrorist when you’re the one who brings a gun to work. – Andy Borowitz

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