What Is Causing Inflation?

Remember inflation didn’t just pop up out of nowhere on January 20, 2021. Remember also that the US is not alone in fighting inflation. The whole world is.

I believe the following makes fairly good sense.

When it comes to the economy in general the news is extremely good. Unemployment applications hit a 52 year low this week. Wages are up. The supply chain blockage seems to be breaking or broken. The CEO of Walmart is giving Biden major credit for his company heading into Christmas with full shelves.

The price of oil has actually gone down, but that price has not made it to the pump. Why? Not much any president can do about that.

With BBB about to go into effect, it looks to a lot of people that we are on the verge of a boom. Only Fox sees the cloud on all those silver linings. But they know that inflation is an area that scares most people. And inflation does not have to be real, but the perception and fear of inflation must be.

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