Sunday Funday: Let’s Ban Some Books Edition

The folks over at have been doing a good job of chronicling the latest craze to sweep the nation – banning books in school – here in Iowa. The efforts at banning books are the latest assault on the nation’s and Iowa’s schools. Add this to the laws around banning masks in schools, the whole magilla around not teaching about race and teachers choosing to drop out or pursue other careers.

The twist in all the book banning is that it really makes the books more desirable. And this may come as a surprise to many of our state legislators, these books are available to be obtained in many other methods. I hate to be the one to give away our secrets, but they can be ordered over the internet, bought at book stores (truly evil places) and possibly borrowed from a friend or neighbor.

So in a strange way, Iowa’s banners of books help in educating kids by getting many who may not have wanted o read a book to read that book because they think there is something forbidden within this pages. Reminds me of “Catcher In The Rye” from my youth. Doubt I ever would have read it had it nit been forbidden my church at the time or some blue nose parents in my district. I would like to thank them belatedly for their recommendation.

Here we go. Strap your masks on, Covid rises again.

A) What is the name designated for this new variation of the covid virus?

B) What country or area is it believed to have mutated in?

C) What giant of musical theater died on Friday?

D)  The verdict is in on the murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia. Were the defendants guilty or not guilty?

E) In the Arbery case another person was arrested Wednesday. What was this person arrested for?

F) Poor old former president. He is so broke that what large political group is helping to pay his legal bills?

G) Rivian and Lucid are two of the really hot names in the business world. What type of business are Lucid and Rivian?

H) According to the Daily Beast what items were purchased with cash so those involved in the insurrection could communicate with members of the Trump family without detection?

I) November 28, 1925 was the date of the first broadcast of what country music themed show from Nashvill, Tennessee?

J) To counter the rising price of gas in this country, President Biden took what action this week?

K) As the deadline for vaccination approached for federal employees approach last Monday, the government said what percentage of employees had already met requirements?

L) Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg resigned as commentators for what cable newser over that newser’s coverage of the January 6th insurrection?

M) When the first verdict was announced in the Ahmaud Arbery case a man reacted loudly and was removed from the courtroom. Who was that man?

N) Last Sunday at 4PM an annual joyful Christmas Parade became the site of a tragedy in what Wisconsin city?

O) 20 years ago tomorrow, what rock guitarist from the most successful rock band of all tome died at age 58?

P) Claire, a 4 year old Scottish deerhound, won what coveted competition for a remarkable second time Wednesday?

Q) ‘The Velvet Revolution’ ended after 12 days in what country on 1989 as the communist government was replaced by democracy?

R) What major right wing media figure and former presidential ally (two different people) were subpoenaed by the January 6th committee last week?

S) What country had its first female prime minister appointed, only to have her resign within hours?

T) December 2, 1942. What world changing experiment led by Enrico Fermi was successfully conducted at the University of Chicago?

I see that Iowa is filling a vacancy on the state medical marijuana board. Will a thorough knowledge of “Reefer Madness” be a requirement?


A) Omicron 

B) South Africa or a country near South Africa

C) Steven Sondheim

D) Mostly guilty. One was guilty all nine counts. The other two on most counts

E) Former Georgia DA Jackie Johnson was charged with obstructing justice in the case

F) The RNC. Many Republicans are outraged that their donations are going to pay his legal bills

G) Electric vehicles

H) burner phones. Sounds pretty damaging

I) Grand Ole Opry – nearly 100 years

J) Releasing oil from the strategic oil reserve

K) 95% had complied

L) Fox News

M) Ahmaud Arbery’s father.

N) Waukesha, Wisconsin

O) George Harrison

P) National Dog how best in show

Q) Czechoslovakia

R) Alex Jones and Roger Stone

S) Sweden – Magdalena Andersson

T) controlled nuclear chain reaction

For f*ck’s sake. Socialism is NOT Communism. 

Capitalism – anybody can be rich. 

Communism – nobody can be rich. 

Socialism – anybody can be rich but nobody should be poor. – Simon Donald

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