Huh? What? Rep. Hinson?

Liz Mathis will actually listen to voters in the new Iowa-2

As I was on my way to the store Wednesday I was listening to Thom Hartmann. Hartmann had a guest on from a new blog in the midwest. The blog is I am not sure who the guest was that Thom had on, but I am guessing it was the author of this fine article on Iowa’s own Ashley Hinson. 

As you may know, Iowa’s Republican delegation has been doing hand-to-hand combat with their own constituents over what would be good for Iowans. Most Iowans want much of what is in the Build Back Better bill and its social spending counterpart. Iowa’s Republican delegation and especially First district Rep. Ashley Hinson has been particularly vocal in denouncing against these bills.

While Hinson has claimed over and over that child care assistance was one of her top priorities, she tweeted on the morning of the vote on the Build Back Better bill that:

“Americans can’t afford Spkr [sic] Pelosi’s radical agenda,” she wrote at the top of a tweet thread. “This legislation will make life even less affordable and more difficult for working families.”

She then proceeded to vote against the BBB bill that had a lot of goodies for her constituents, including child care assistance.

As the article notes:

After voting against the Build Back Better Act last Friday, Rep. Ashley Hinson (IA-1) held a roundtable with childcare providers to increase affordable child care access in Iowa.

The bill she voted against, which passed the House almost precisely along party lines, will provide $380 billion in new spending to lower the cost of child care and pre-kindergarten, the Washington Post reported.

“Working families in Iowa continue to struggle to find affordable child care options,” Hinson said in a press release Friday after she voted against the legislation.

So I am left with a couple of questions for Rep. Hinson.

Huh?  What the H? What constituent do you listen to? Just the ones in a Koch organization?

Hard to stay in step with your district when you are walking in the opposite direction. 

The same goes for Miller-Meeks who somehow seems to think that lowering prescription drug prices for seniors through Medicare negotiating those prices with Big Pharma companies will somehow “interfere with the doctor patient relationship.” 

“When we give the government more control, we undermine what a physician — all of their knowledge, all of their experience, that of our compounding pharmacists, those with health care experience — and how they can prescribe the best treatments for their patients,” Miller-Meeks said during an online forum organized by the House GOP Leader’s office, “so it’s a tremendous concern to all of us — not just price, but also access to care, but also access to quality care.”

Again I say: Huh? What the H? Please explain? We have friends who have had to refuse prescriptions that were way too costly. Maybe the doctor would have approved of a little negotiating?

Looks like will be a site to check out.

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